OPEN DATES (2016) to sell off Extra plants…!

Welcome! Come on In!

Welcome! Come on In!

Hi everyone,
Well folks…I know our spring is on the cold side, BUT we could have SNOW like our brothers and sisters in Europe just received last week. Destroyed all their fruit orchards and started gardens!
I will have FEW extra plants again.
I was just asked (again) for “OPEN HOURS“….

Presently announcing ONE WEEK (or less if sold out…) to sell off my extra plants.
MAY 20th to MAY 26th ……..(9am – 6pm)
IF you need veggie seed before that time, you need to MAIL YOUR ORDER in.

Order Forms can be found on my HOME page.
I will be carrying fresh NORLAND potato seed and a few other remaining potato varieties.
Sweet potato slips will arrive later, due to the inhospitable COLD weather.
Otherwise COME down during my OPEN week to get remaining seeds, Azomite, Sea Magic, Earthworm Castings, Composted Horse Manure etc.
Thank you all for encouraging me (smiling) to make a decision.

A reminder: I will not be posting an “Extra Plant” list. Do not send in your requests.
It will be on a 1st come, 1st serve basis.
So…IF you come early, you will have more choices…is all.
Thanks everyone for showing an overwhelming interest!


Valerie Denesiuk

Wondering…what time will you be opened on the 20th??

Mandy Botincan

Hi Valerie, Every day will be from 9am till 6pm. Thanks for asking. Mandy


So glad you are selling plants again this year!

See you on the 20th.

Sally S

Mandy Botincan

So grateful to hear from my old friends!Thank you! Mandy


Are you doing sweet potatoes this year?

Mandy Botincan

yes Toni, I am. They will be available near to the end of the month, as the temps are just not there at all! Placing them in cold/cool soils will stunt them and then nothing but “greenery” will be offered…for sure.
Thanks for asking,

Tina Steliga

Mandy – do you have or know where I can get Cantaloupe seed?

Mandy Botincan

From me! Mandy

Roberta Anderson

Hi Mandy, Do you have any tomatoes left or are they all gone? If so, do you know anyone else who might have heirloom tomatoes?
Thanks, Roberta

Mandy Botincan

Sorry my dears….they are ALL gone. Honestly don’t know who sells these types around here. Mandy

Julie Trainor

Hi Mandy,
I am so excited to have found your site. I am looking to buy some Seneca Chief seeds for next years growing season. I have not been able to find them locally, even though I live in a community of farms. Could you please let me know when I should place an order. Also, do you have pictures of the products you have seeds for? I am very interested in choosing some heirloom tomato seeds that are not easily attainable around here. Thank you for all of your help and again, I am so happy to find you. Julie

Mandy Botincan

Hi Julie,
I am on Facebook which is publicly open for visual to all visitors. I encourage anyone to check ti out. I am presently drying down all of my stock and it is taking some time as the rains continue to annoy us. I will get back to you as soon as this is done.


Hi Mandy, I came across your website while reading in a previous (2004) Manitoba Gardener magazine that you carry Rocky Mountain Tufa from Brisco, BC. Just wondering whether you still carry the Tufa and, if so, how I could acquire some?Love all your heirloom varieties of seed…especially looking forward to ordering some Orange Russian Tomato seed for spring 2017, as well as others. When is the best time to place an order?Looking forward to your response.

Mandy Botincan

Hi Christine,
Yes I still carry the Tufa. Where are you at?
Thank you for your kind words. I am in the final process of evaluating and recording the final inventory. Please keep eyes glued (smiling) as soon it will be done. Where the is a $ (dollar figure) after the description…that item will be available. Where no “$” then no inventory…thanks everyone!

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