Happy New YEAR….2016!

Hello Everyone!

Another exciting year and another exciting opportunity to do more things!

As long as there is an ounce of energy in our bodies…we will keep on tilling and toiling…

Wishing you all a terrific and successful growing spring, summer and fall.

Happy Growing,


Something to look forward to...

Something to look forward to…



Riki Sato

hello Mandy, just found your website not long ago and was very pleased. this is the International Year of Pulses, declared by the United Nation! I am all fired up and getting ready to sow some seeds of dry peas although I already decided on 5 peas but still like 2 more. over the years I enjoyed growing heirloom soup peas, but haven\’t found any which makes very smooth pea soup, like the ones I used to enjoy eating in Quebec. I see that you have St. Hubert Peas, would it make nice smooth pea soup without texture from skin like so many soup peas leave behind in the pot? would you recommend 2 or 3 soup peas for me?

Mandy Botincan

Hello Riki, Truth be told when making actual “pea soup” I never noticed if the “shells” of one verses another were more evident or not. L0L! We just ate them! It would be my belief that if the peas had been stored for a long time, that their shells may become more “stiff” or harder to break down. A sad case attributed to commercial store facilities… But for our own, one shouldn’t see this too much as much of what we harvest…gets eaten quickly. Couldn’t say… If anyone has experiences between these varieties…feel free to offer some advice… Some varieties I would recommend: Amplissimo Vik, King Tut., Amish Snap and Risser. Also may I remind you…that where a $$$ is marked…those only are the ones available. Each year different varieties will be offered.

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