I’m BACK! If only for a few days!

May 20th to May 26th…(9-6)

Some plants varieties that I will be offering:

Heritage Tomato, Peppers, Chufa Nuts, Ground Cherries, Lettuce, few Herbs, misc…..

Plus bags of Composted Horse manure, Worm Castings, Azomite and Sea Magic.

Excess Plant Sale 2018


Wayne Miller


I am a little confused whether I could get some Seneca Chief Corn seed that my grandfather always grew when I was a young man. My son wants to try it in a small garden likely need enough for 6 rows 30-40 feet long each.

Let me know if I can get quickly or at all.

Congrats on your sale and hopefully you are able to rest up for the next thing.

Wayne Miller Manchester MD

Mandy Botincan

Hi Wayne, Thank you for your inquiry. Please see my answer to Connie below and essentially this is what I will be doing. Stay posted. Thank you, Mandy

Connie Strickland

Mandy, I just located your website after a search for Seneca Chief Corn. So sorry to hear of your hip problems and the sale of your greenhouse. I was wondering if you still have any of the Seneca Chief Corn Seed. I checked the company you indicated you had sold to and could not find the corn listed. If you have any of the seeds, I would love to buy some. I am currently in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, but my husband has just retired and we are getting ready to move to North Carolina. You may contact me by e-mail with any information about the availability of the seeds, price, payment, etc.Thank you for any assistant you may provide.Connie Stricklandcbsinhisgrip@yahoo.com

Mandy Botincan

Hi Connie, thank you for the inquiry. I’m still maintaining a core portion of my favs and will always let go of the extras. In the meantime I dont have any extra from the Seneca but may look at growing it out later but not this year as I have others that I need to grow out first. Keep checking back each January to see if seed has come available. Mandy

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