How to Order

Our Order Form is in .pdf format. You can download the reader here.

To order, please download and fill out the appropriate form:

2016 will be our 27th year in business! Some changes have taken place….

Working in a Green House business is full time work. In so much as you (the customer) may come by in the spring and summer, the work (behind the scenes) continues ALL year long! Even in the dead of winter…never giving us (the family) a break. Essentially…we/I want to slow down.

For the first time, after many years of constant hard work, we will take some time off for Christmas celebrations with our family. Our family is expanding and as years go by, we feel the urgent need to not miss out on forming great moments with our children and especially our grandchildren. They are growing up SO FAST! Therefore don’t expect parcels till later in January.

Please READ the INSTRUCTIONS in each section carefully, at the top of each section…they are pretty simple to follow.

I will continue on as a Hobby (primarily to preserve this large collection and get it into more hands) Therefore, each year I will be growing different vegetables for my personal use. IF and when I have extra seed…I will post it to the website. EXTRA SEED will be marked with a highlighted: ex Pkt…$3.00, after the description. NO PRICE>>>NO SEED! Do understand I have a lot of variety. There is ALWAYS something to chose from.

ALSO…when planting out for myself, I MIGHT have extras plants! I will post a short OPEN PERIOD (days or a week) in MAY so that folks can come down and snatch them up. NO RESERVATIONS PLEASE…1st come 1st serve!

And finally, to all our New Customers, we have never offered a catalogue. In one attempt (2009) placing (1700 varieties) in a 8 1/2″ x 11″ format, for a small collector/distributor came to 125 pages. Costs were estimated to be over $20 each and if people threw them away (after tearing down more trees…) that is a UN-wise decision. If new material is found, this needs to be added, as I find it. Secondly inventory changes too, week to week, which the catalogue cannot adjust. And printing one every year makes no sense. I would much rather put my time & energy into growing out and researching more seed. IF you are able to contact with me by email, then you are able to go on the internet and look at my website too.

I will do my best to upgrade my inventories at least once a week. Always indicate with “alternatives” in your order or I will make choices of my own.

ALSO, kindly do not ask me to CHOOSE varieties for you. My taste, your taste, my growing environment, your environment, my garden size and your garden size are possibly WORLDS apart. In all fairness, think about it. I will be too stressed out, worrying if I made the right choice. To me, it is more important to get customers’ orders out correctly and quickly.

The website will remain online for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. Please do not use any information from my website without my explicit permission. As how I have time, I will try to provide germination and growing info./tips to each section, to help new growers with their seeds.


Please Note: I reside in Canada! Shipping rates for Seeds can be found within my “SEEDS” Order Form on the HOME page. US customers must add 25% more for distance (see indicated amounts on our supplied Order Form)

Something NEW starting 2016, I will be implementing a minimum of $10.00. I am confident that there are plenty of varieties to choose from, so this shouldn’t be a problem. Also it is difficult to find padded/bubble lined envelopes that are suitable for ONE packet of seed. If One is able to find them, they cost as much as ones twice the size!

Also, I am aware of the rate of exchange between Canada & the US. For the duration ALL prices are set at par. The prices of the packets are very reasonable and many items are also becoming harder and harder to find. IF you have shopped on the likes of “E-Bay, Amazon and many other such suppliers”…everyone is demanding US dollars as the currency to work in…whether they reside in US or other countries. For my American customers, it makes it easier to not have to work through currency changes. Also I will find some way to compensate, so kindly leave it to me.

Re: Seed Orders: If an item is not available, by the time you order and you do not indicate a substitute, I will substitute with one of equal or better value than the one that you ordered, unless you state otherwise. I will no longer accept orders by email, as this has become too time consuming. All orders must have payments included or they will be returned…no exceptions. Payments accepted: Postal Money Order, Cert. Check, Bank Draft payment or E-mail Transfers.

Due to necessity and for the comfort & convenience of my customers I will be again accepting personal cheques! HOWEVER…Please be advised that it will take approximately 5 to 7 days for a Canadian cheque & from 21 to 45 days for a US personal cheque…for monies to clear. Therefore kindly understand a wait is in order. Please take this into consideration before sending off your order. Do not send cash through the mail. This is very unsafe. Being a small business, I am not set up to accept Debit Card, Master Card or Visa systems. (Thank you to a number of customers for your input…) Despite the wide use of the internet I still prefer doing things the old fashioned way!

Please Note! I cannot ship seeds to Hawaii or Alaska. Their import rules are too restrictive. Also I believe they require a Phyto-sanitary Certificate AND Inspection Certificate, which are extremely expensive…to a customer. 

Several years ago, the US Government had put in place some extreme rules for Seed importation, making it almost impossible for its American citizens to order. I am happy to inform you that since (2009) the rules have fortunately been relaxed and small gardeners can once again import small parcels of seeds, providing some (free permits?) are obtained. Unfortunately each US state has its own rules regarding importation of various seeds, therefore it is on the onus of the customer to find this out for themselves. This is too complicated for me to keep track of.

Thank you!
May you all have a Blessed & Successful Growing Season.
Good Luck, God Bless & Happy Growing!