Thank you!

Hi Everyone!

I cannot believe the pioneering spirit of Manitobans. It must have been the coldest weather on record this past weekend Feb. 14th to 15th)  BUT that did not deter the “gardeners” amongst us from coming out in droves!

I met so many folks, new ones and my favorite (old) customers who mentioned they were glad to see me again (…and by whom I am completely humbled) Almost everyone had some great story to share about their favorite vegetable or gardening adventures. From doing their part in seed preservation, to trying more rare and unusual vegetables…to just trying to grow something for the first time…I am truly proud of everyone!

Our Seedy Sales were the best ever! I want to Thank Everyone for coming out and making these events (for us) such a great success.

Your humble seed collector and grower,

Blessings for a great season 2015!


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