Updated for 2019!

Yes experienced a few glitches last week and wanted to offer everyone ALL the latest updates before I went to my Show & Sale in Brandon this past weekend…but for some reason the website wouldn’t cooperate. Thanks to my fine website man, he hunted the culprits down and it now allows me to do my bidding from behind the lines!

To Summarize: This year…I have an extra-ordinary collection of Peas to offer, with some rare NEW ADDITIONS, thanks to “collector” friends of mine! Bear with me as I hunt down the rest of the info on them between now and after Christmas. The Heirloom tomatoes continue to excite me and many older rare varieties have returned this summer, so please go and have a look. The Beans in my collection are some of the prettiest I have ever seen and the “bean bug” will continue to haunt me for as long as I can garden! The Peppers did wonders for me. I’ve had great success with my lettuce collection this summer and will add more as I continue to clean these up further. Another area of personal interest were the Cucumber varieties who preformed exemplary this summer where I placed them. Have never seen such monsters, many ending up over 12″ long! The Chufa nuts produced very well and have lots to share with you! My Asparagus patch of Mary Washington did a number on me this spring, suddenly showing a ton of small germinated plants that grew to sheer monsters in my short season. So now you know where you can get some Manitoba conditioned starters! There are also a few varieties in many other areas, so feel free to browse at your leisure…

Will continue to re-offer small portions of my collection, personal favorites that I feel a need to be keep going. Hopefully there are many here that you too would like to add to your garden and make a permanent member of your “goodies”…

And Finally but most importantly, May I and my family wish you all a wonderful Merry Christmas, where ever and with whom you might spend it. Please stay safe, blessed, happy and healthy!



Oh, Mandy! What a lovely neat garden. How do you keep the weeds from popping up between the boxes? I gave up – even with that black stuff you place on the soil before you put mulch on. The weeds found their way through. You would have to put 10 layers on if you ask me. So, I let the grass grow, and mow it. Meh…what can you do…

Mandy Botincan

Hi Betty! It was a long laborious process removing all weeds each time. What I found is that adding copious amounts of extra mulch eventually changed the ph and nutrition in the area, making it not hospitable to weeds as I found weeds like an unbalanced soil. The adding of organic matter started the return journey to where weeds hated where they lived. I would suggest you place as much of mulch as you can, 6″ or even more each year and I guarantee you will see changes to your good. Grass (depending on what type…hopefully not quack) hate being smothered by mulches. And in the end they themselves will return good mater too when they die. Good luck and don’t quit! Mandy


Hi Mandy, love your garden desing also!! I have a question about your bean varieties. The ones you have forsale are the ones with the price only? When can you order the rest of your varieties of beans? Would love to order more varieties.

Mandy Botincan

Hi Irma, Each year I will be growing out different ones to keep my collection fresh. Please check back on occasion to see if your favorites have become available. Regards, Mandy

Charlie Gould

#59 on your list is Purple fleshed Sweet potatoe, do you have any to sell so I can see if I can grow some in Comox, BC

Mandy Botincan

No Charlie, I don’t have. But I have provided some very reliable suppliers whom I believe can help you. Please look to the top of the Novelty page to find this info. Thanks, Mandy


I saw in a past post you had Neckarkoningen pole bean seeds. How can I get some of those seeds? I have heard from my aunt that they are tasty and good to grow. I love pole beans and saved a variety from year to year (don\\’t know the name) but have not had good luck with them the past two seasons. It could have been due to the less than ideal conditions the past two summers or it could be that my seed is no longer good. Any ideas?

Mandy Botincan

Hi Krista, I don’t have any seeds this spring but will be growing them out (hopefully) this fall. Let me know what are your garden growing and setup and maybe I can help you with your problem. Mandy

Janet Blayone

I stopped by your website to look up some information on a couple of seed varieties cause you always have the most complete and accurate info out there. And what did I find!!!!!You are back!!! Oh I am so very pleased. Take care of yourself and your wonderful plants and seeds. Oh this just made my day…. now back out to my seedlings cause it\’s that time of year. 🙂

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