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Everywhere one looks, people are trying real hard to make serious adjustments in their health and life. This Greenhouse is making every effort to keep in tune with these changes, by showing you the consumer & gardener interesting varieties to spice up your life and palette. Read on, make yourself at home. (Oh! Don’t forget your “Tim’s”!) There is much to see, learn & enjoy and it will certainly take awhile!

Our Photo Album (and the close to 600 photos on Flickr…)  highlight only a tiny amount of the many great Heritage/Heirloom vegetable varieties still available in NA. Every year more varieties become “lost” because someone or a company has chosen to “drop” more varieties, because either, they are not selling well enough or the family business must close because of lack of interest. This % is alarmingly high, considering how many were available less than 150 years ago. It is the mission of Mandy’s Greenhouse to try and do our part to place as many Heritage vegetable varieties into as many hands as we can before we now longer are able. We feel this is our responsibility!

Please be aware, we DO NOT OFFER bulk amounts of seed. Neither are we HUGE operators, nor do we have HUGE inventories. We like to keep our inventory small, so as to keep it moving and fresh. (WE hate throwing out old seeds! This is such a waste!) Our packets are also set for smaller gardens. We want YOU to think about maintaining some of these beautiful varieties…not feeding you today and tomorrow…there is NO THOUGHT of! So PLEASE do not ask us to sell you ANY large amounts. We are focusing primarily on small gardeners.

Please read our  “HOW TO ORDER” sections as there have been some NEW changes. And don’t forget our blogs under “FROM MANDY”S MUDROOM”. There too is more “input” for everyone.

Some history: our Greenhouse resides (out in the country…) 1 1/2 miles NE from the town of Tyndall, Manitoba Canada. Over 30 years ago, due to excessive perennial flowers (and the need for change…) numerous plant/garage sales began. 27 years ago, about 50 tomato plants were left over after the garden was planted (Lemon Boy, Beefmaster, Oxheart, Sugar Cherry, Manitoba and Giant Belgium) and these were offered up for sale. They immediately sold out! That’s when the madness really began!

Following this pleasant surprise, approximately 50-100 more heritage and heirloom vegetable plants had been introduced and added each year to the inventory. In 2013 the plant inventory (only of tomatoes) stood at approx. 2500. (Hobby Greenhouse??) Our listing is comprised of approx. ?430 varieties of tomatoes, 120 peppers and numerous other unusual varieties of vegetables from Canada, US, Germany, France, Africa, India, Australia, Sweden, Czech, and many more countries too numerous to mention. On last count…there maybe close to 1400 different varieties in all, that we hold as current as possible in our collection!

In 2014, it was decided to ? slow down the G.H. business. Grandchildren and family have always been very important to us and despite retiring from full time Nursing in 2010, there just wasn’t enough time in the day or year to go anywhere or even do things for ourselves, as the G.H. continued to consume it! What to do?

Have always loved the huge collection we have, but in order to have some sanity, it was decided to only offer half AT-A-TIME. (To get some of these rarer varieties into more responsible hands, to pass on these wonderful heirloom genetics.) This also meant, stopping our huge offerings of plants (now only extras IF available) and concentrate on strictly seed offerings.

Every attempt is made to insure that the varieties chosen are in fact true to type. A lot depends on accessing reliable records when available and their descriptions. A lot of time and research (combined could equal to years!) has been used in obtaining this kind of information.

More importantly, the vegetables continue to be trialed and mostly grown at the greenhouse, so if you were to ask us about it, we would have some personal info. to share with you about it (whether it is a success story or not…in our eyes)

For a vegetable variety to be offered by this greenhouse, it should have a unique trait, consistent from any other of its kind. Every attempt is made to describe these traits where possible. Many were chosen for extensive and interesting histories, old fashioned or extreme flavor differences, growth type, form and visual appearance and where possible… a satisfying and efficient production. Conscientious and caring customers find this an invaluable service.

In the past couple of years, more people have tested/trialed and seriously attempted to live the 100 mile diet. After doing some research on the subject, it was felt that the offerings at our G.H. were right in line with this “simplicity of living”! Time has proven, in today’s society this can be a huge challenge with soooo many “unhealthy conveniences” milling right around us, that going back to basics is more a necessity than the accepted truth. We hope the selections found within our store will help our customers.

And finally it has been recognized (and will be respected) that people have different tastes, dietary habits, health needs and issues. Because we had trialed sooooo many, we are personally able to recommend those most suitable for our customers. Feel free to “hob-nob” with us anytime: mandy@mandysgreenhouse.com

PLEASE NOTE: Mandy’s Greenhouse maybe in a “hobby/retirement” mode BUT our extensive collection will be maintained for as long as we are able. Each year as we grow different vegetables for our own table, we will always be mindful that we need to save some seed. Therefore any extras we will re-offered, in the hopes of keeping as many Heirloom/Heritage vegetable varieties alive and well…to pass on!
May your garden bless you every year with abundance! And don’t forget to do your part in preserving OUR right to Genetic Vegetable Heritage Seed!


From our garden to yours!





Please give us your phone number if possible. we would like to call you about some heritage seeds. Thanks you.

Mandy Botincan


Russell Crow

Hi Mandy,

Would you have any of seeds of the Maine Bean to sell. Would like to get a hold of some for the 2015 growing season.


Mandy Botincan

I believe I do. thanks,

Tamara Kemp-Boulet

Hi Mandy,I attended your workshop in Brandon last night and was truly entertained! Thank you for all of your information and knowledge – your presentation and humour definitely made the time go by very quickly! Looking forward to planting some of your seeds next year.You mentioned that pole beans do cross. If I wanted to keep some true to type varieties for seeds, how far apart would I have to plant the different varieties in order to keep them from crossing?Once again, thank you for an entertaining evening!

Mandy Botincan

Hi Tamara and thank you for the kind words. I,too had a great time.
Pole beans, as per other gardeners experiences (and mine) will cross. Try to use a wind impervious barrier between the rows or at least plant 2 varieties quite a distance apart, taking into consideration prevailing winds. Best thing tho is to plant only one variety at a time or at least plant others in different garden (or have friends help out…L0L!)
Blessings and good luck,

Mary Slumpff

I am on a quest to find the “Petite Cote Radish” seed. My Grandparents grew them in Ontario around 1912. They were very popular. Do you have any leads as to where I could find them?
Mary Slumpff

Mandy Botincan

Hi Mary,
Would you be able to tell me more about them? How they looked? Occasionally a variety was known under another name and re-offered in a seed exchange. When ever one finds something like this, the “hunt” is always exciting! Thanks for sharing. I will try my best. Mandy

Mandy Botincan

I have not heard of this variety. Have you checked Seeds of Diversity? Hopefully someone reading here might help you out. Mandy


I really like what you have been doing there, love the old varieties! Beans, corn, and peas are what get my interest the most…I see you have Seneca Chief corn…I have been looking for this one for sometime now…I am getting an order ready to send in, for this and some other seeds I am excited to find. We do a lot of our own seedsaving here to, and try to avoid anything that has been “modified”

Mandy Botincan

Whether it is Christmas time or Easter or even Valentine’s…seeds are what keeps me “rollin”…L0L! Thank you Anna for doing your part!


so because I have had a rough winter so far 🙁 with hand surgery, HOW do I order from you? Do I just phone???

Mandy Botincan

Note: I replied to “Anna”…personally. Mandy


Want to let you know how pleased I am to see you are still sharing the bounty of your hard work in selling seeds. The seeds I got from you last year were shared out amongst 9 other gardeners. Everyone, including myself, are so pleased with the results. Most of us were able to save seeds from several species.I\’m in the process of putting together an order for this year. I\’m most excited that you might have some sweet potato slips for sale. How do they handle cross country mailing once the weather is reall warm? I don\’t need many, maybe three. Also looking for French Fingerlings. My SIL accidently ate all our seed potatoes a month ago. Oops. Janet

Mandy Botincan

Hi Janet,
So nice to hear from you! You shared? You are special… Any photos of those (delicious) sweet potatoes BEFORE they disappeared? Good for everyone who started saving seeds! I’ll let you know about those potatoes and slips. Thanks for letting me know. Blessings for an up and coming great summer,

Steve Golemboski

Hello, Can you tell me if you ship to the U.S.? thanks!

Mandy Botincan

Hi Steve,
Yes I have been shipping to the US for some time.Tho not to Hawaii and Alaska, because they need phyto-sanitary certificates and that adds up. Thanks for asking,

jenny rasmussen

Just wanted to let you know I was reading a 2013 research paper that showed Mexican landrace corns to have significantly more aflatoxin resistance than hybrid corn. Definitely something that would affect customer decisions on buying op versus hybrid corn seeds. Would be good info to post online!

Mandy Botincan

Thanks Jenny, I will check into this, as this is not the first time this has been mentioned amongst vegetable gardeners/growers. Folks…your thoughts? Mandy


Do you have an email I can contact you at? I was wondering if you had a print catalog you could send me. I would like to order some seeds.

Mandy Botincan

Hi Jason, I have never offered a catalogue, as it is too costly. Any changes (additions or deletions) can never be shown in the catalogue as they are modified regularly on this website. This is done almost weekly and certainly many changes…yearly. I have also seen other small seed companies effected this way. I would much rather direct my energies into maintaining an interesting collection for as long as I am able. Thanks for asking. You can contact me: mandy@mandysgreenhouse.com

Julie Trainor

Hi Mandy, I was wondering if my message went through? It was about Seneca Chief Corn seeds. Thank you.

Mandy Botincan

It did and thank you, Mandy


What time do you open on the 20th?Thank

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