WELCOME everyone to 2020! FREE SEEDY GIFTS!

I can’t believe I’m still at this…even just on a hobby scale! Got to to keep the grey matter fed, so why not do something that will continue

to excite me to the end of time!

Just so you know, the website was updated a while ago. And yes I know with the icy (really cold) temps we are presently feeling, it doesn’t feel much like one wants to plant! But soon the weather will change, catching you UN-awares and spring will be here! Time once more to stock up on the rare, the unique, the old and the reliable!

With God’s blessing, I will continue to plant out my favorites (of which I see less and less of…:(   …) If and when I will have “EXTRA PLANTS”…I will offer these up for all those super busy gardeners, in my ANNUAL “few day” Spring Blast out!

As an added BONUS! My friend and fellow gardener, TAMMY CLEMENTS has sent me a HUGE HORDE of HER FAVORITE Heirloom VEGETABLE COLLECTION EXTRAS, ready in packets! She has personally expressed to me, that she wants me to give ANYONE who orders from my WEBSITE, to gift them, some of her seeds! To qualify on a FAIR BASIS, orders over $20.00 will receive seedy gifts!

WoW! this is wonderful!

Good Luck ONE & ALL!

Happy Growing!


SEEDY madness

Shelless pumpkin seeds

The ‘real’ deal!

Bean Quintas White 9″ pole

Bean Candy

Home base…

Bull’s Heart

National Pickling


Indigo Rose

Fava Purple

Kuma Anna’s Grey

Don Juan

Polish Linguise

Green Zebra

Purple Serrano

Cream Sausage

Let it begin!

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