2022/2023 My “Extra Seed” Inventory is up to date and running…

Goodness How Time Flies, when there is Soooo Much to do!

I can’t believe as I’m typing this…our first serious snowfall has arrived! Yuk! On one hand its great as now finally I can do some serious “work inside”…like resting BUT on the other hand, I’m reminded (as I just saw…) how badly my Inventory BIBLE needs to be updated in some sections. I’m just too anal to leave them in a jumbled mess!

I have caught up in recording all my 100’s of “EXTRAS’ seed varieties. Hopefully I have done it right and you can’t find too many errors. As usual, my inventory is on the low side (on purpose…) I will have to stay on top of what the website is showing So please bear with me…

The Sections I continue to CONCENTRATE IN are: TOMATOES, BEANS, PEPPERS, PEAS and some CUCUMBERS. There are also some offerings in the VEGGIE (NOVELTY) section like SUNFLOWER SEEDS, CHUFA NUTS, SEED POTATOES etc. and in a few others. The BEEFSTEAK tomato section is wonderful this year, as are the PEPPERS & BEANS. Check these out…

Please be mindful of MY CRAZY instructions. I’m only operating as a HOBBY. Where there is a price at the end of a description, only those are available.

Thank you one and all for your continued support of the Heirloom/Heritage Seed Inventories. THEY is disappearing quickly! Please do your part to keep these wonderful varieties going.

Bless you ONE & ALL,

Happy Gardening,


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