Contained herein are some of the “other” items, Mandy’s G.H. considers very important to everyday gardeners and growers.

Each year, more and more “Organic Fertilizers” come on the market, making it confusing for what to purchase. By personally trialing out the products we sell, we can give you first hand experience to their successes or failures. We will only offer products that perform well and best represent our mission at our greenhouse.

Never has the need for good knowledge been greater than today. For too long people have ignored the consequences of their grocery purchases and have left the choice of their food direction in the hands of Corporate America. They need to know that their lay back decisions over many years, have in fact cost them dearly. Corporate American has taken over and sacrificed money & profit for health. Our greenhouse will make every attempt to “re-teach” the regular consumer to open up their eyes to the way of their food dollar. We offer where ever possible unbiased and educational “DVDs & Books” to “wiz-en” the wise.

We have also managed to locate a large quantity of quality “Earthworm Castings”. These will be available in various sizes, designed for numerous applications. Another fine complement to a long line of great organic fertilizers and soil conditioner products offered at our greenhouse.


Happy Gardening!