Here is a quiet but very interestingly beautiful and behaved vegetable for YOUR garden. Bread it, fry it or bake it…It will add volumes of unique flavor to your everyday meals.

Will remain online for educational purposes. Operating on “hobby” basis.

Occasionally we may have “extra” seed. Pkts. marked below. If nothing marked…then it is “N/A”.

  1. Antiqua – an chubby elongated variety with violet/lavender streaks on white. Fruits are 8” long and 3” wide, with creamy white flesh that is tender and mild-tasting. Considered a long season producer. 75 days
  2. Apple Green – A beautiful pale green round to oval fruit with extremely mild flavor and white flesh. Bears abundantly even for northern gardens. The plants themselves, are compact with generous harvests. Early. 60 days 
  3. Aswad – goodness gracious! How big can an eggplant fruit get?! According to those that know…3 pounds! A beautiful delicious Iraqi variety obtained through Nael Aziz, given to B. C. Seeds. Shaped like a squat super chubby teardrop, with deep purple black shiny skin. Tho its size is huge, it still remains very tender, perfectly sliced for the grill. Plants were said to be very productive and heat tolerant.
  4. Baby – a new mini variety, where plants are compact, but loaded with miniature shiny, deep black pendulous pear-shaped fruits. One of the newest rages in the mini-veggie series. Young fruits can be fried whole or baked…very tasty. Perfect for container gardening.
  5. Big Dragon – Highly productive plants that themselves are “painted” with deep purple on stems and flowers! Grows out long slender, with a chubbier base, “midnight black/purple” fruits. Fruits can be picked when 6″-8″ long. Flesh is smooth & tender. Excellent grilled, baked or stir-fried. Very early for an eggplant at 55-60 days.  
  6. Black Beauty – believe it or not…a classic in today’s society, yet an heirloom that is over a 100 years old! These big glossy black fruits may become quite large…with an excellent shape for slicing into thick “steaks” for grilling or Eggplant Parmesan. 80 days
  7. Casper – one of the best whites from the SSE’s 200 collection. Compact plants produce snow white 6” long x 2” diameter fruits with mild flavor. No peeling is necessary if fruits are eaten when small. Great fresh summer eats! 70 days
  8. Chinese White Sword – Name pretty well describes its form. Medium sized plants offer very slender pure white straight fruits that offer a nice mild flavor. 
  9. Cookstown Orange – Possibly more useful as an ornamental then for eating as fruits offer a bitter flavor…unless you know how to manage this feature. Unusual as this variety bears fruits much like orange squashed tomatoes, with faint greenish stripes.    
  10. Ichiban (M’s)  Originally of Asian/Japanese origin with long slender deep purple, almost black fruits. Wonderful in flavor, mild and perfect for Oriental dishes or simply splitting, grilling or roasting. The original hybrid is no longer available, so I took the liberty of saving seed and re-selecting for best original form and flavor. It is different from “Long Purple“, having a more refined slender tip and slender fruits. Very productive and early @ 70 days. Leaves have a distinctive purple tinge. One of the very first eggplants that I ever trialed (and miss) and what a nice surprise it turned out to be once again in 2014, offered some nice specimens.     Pkt…$3.00
  11. Kermit – another “first” eggplant variety that I trialed (because I liked the name & its shape!) in pots and found them very productive. Perfect for grilling and shish-kabobs…just brushed with (cold-pressed) olive oil! The small ball shaped fruits are 2” across, green marbled with white stripes. Used in traditional Asian and Thai dishes for its distinctive flavor. A show-off at 60 days.
  12. Listada de Gandia – reminds me sooo much of “Zebra“, only the colored stripes are plum/purple on white. An Italian heirloom, thank you! It’s beautiful teardrop/round shape and delicious sweet tender flesh is a “must-have” for eggplant “purists”. Fruits of all sizes stay mild and free of bitterness all season long. 75 days
  13. Little Fingers – SSS says a prized heirloom for containers. (But then I grow almost all my eggplants in containers for the added benefit of the heat!) Tall plants loaded with finger-sized, slim, medium purple fruits. Unusual for an eggplant…fruits grow in clusters of 3+ per node. Stays tender all through various sizes…harvest anytime. Tasty for stir-fries, grilling and some folks pickle these. 68 days
  14. Long Green – Simply a long slender variety, bearing pale green fruits on a medium tallish plant.  
  15. Long Purple – a true heirloom variety, very similar to “Big Dragon“. Introduced in 1855 and grown in Canada since approximately 1878. (c/o Cottage Gardens) A long slender variety (2″ x 10”), in deep purple, with a bulbous end. Plants are quite hardy, early maturing and fairly productive. Young harvested fruits offer thin skin with few seeds. 80 days
  16. Morden Midget – I really love the total package this one has to offer. Purple striping and shading can be found all along its stems and into its leaves. The flower, when they’re open are gorgeous…a beautiful rose purple. For such a small plant, it shows amazing strength. Fruits are perfect balls, ending up in the deepest purple black, with some white peeking out from the calyx end. Nice! 70 days     
  17. Pumpkin On A Stick – (aka Red China, aka Red Ruffled) Was listed (aka Scarlet Chinese) in Vanderbilt’s 1879 Seed listings. (c/o BC seeds) Wonderful mini orange, semi-ruffled “pumpkins” are produced on long prickly stems! Indeed! The long thorns are everywhere! Under the stems, under the leaves…running along the veins and sometimes on the main stem, too! Fruits are bitter to taste, (which are only milder when they are slightly orange) but prized in Asian dishes. (Not taking my chances here…considering to whom these are related to!!!) Long keeping fruits. Remove the leaves and dry fruits on the original stem as ornaments in arrangements. Excellent conversation pieces. 68-75 days
  18. Rosita – brought to the US from Puerto Rico in 1979. Stunning pinkish-lavender fruits are 8” long and 3” wide. Flesh is sweet and white….all the way to the skin. 80 days
  19. Rossa Bianca – In my opinion, “another” in the world of most beautiful eggplants grown. An Italian heirloom prized by chefs (and gardeners) for its creamy mild flesh and attractiveness. Well-filled, large round to tear-drop shaped fruits that are an intense lavender color with white blushing fussed thru out. No bitterness to be found in its white flesh. Very meaty. 80 days  
  20. Thai Round Green – (aka Petch Parisa) Found extensively throughout Thailand’s street markets. Fruits are 2-3″, round, light green with faint cream stripes. Lovely enough to be grown in a pot (with a friend!)
  21. Thai Yellow Egg – Very famous in Thailand. The fruits are picked when they first become perfect golden yellow “eggs”. Used in main ethnic dishes and also as a garnish. A unique and perfect variety for specialty growers.
  22. Turkish Orange – one could honestly say that eggplants come in all colors of the rainbow and this one is no exception! From Turkey, named in the 15th century! The 3” “beefsteak” shaped fruits are best cooked when they are green to light orange. Later, when they turn orange, their seeds are too mature for one to eat and become inedible. Flavor is sweet, yet giving dishes a strong taste, compared with most others. Small plants yield well, loving the heat and pots. A variety that will be received well in ethnic markets. Very ornamental in a flower garden, as it will surely cause some conversation.
  23. Udumalapet – (aka ? Udmalbet) Is this a rare eggplant from India? A consistent heavy producer that will mature late season. Another beautiful striped variety with tear-drop shaped fruits. When young they are green with vibrant purple stripes and green calyxes. As they mature, the lines change to gold and light yellow stripes. Nice to see both colors presented on a plant. Best eaten when 3” long. 80-90 days 
  24. Zebra – very appropriately named. Absolutely one of the most striking fruits available! Heavy deep purple stripes & fine small white stripes, are “painted” on these oval elongated fruits of 7” long x 3” wide. Flesh is tender, mild and white. Production is outstanding. Another one from my early trial attempts. 70 days