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Subject: Another follows in mom’s footsteps
Received: April 1, 2009

“Hi there Mom. Your ambition to rise to the occasion, “super-seeds” many, including myself! If it were not for your determination, perserverance and skill, all those “learn-ed” moments growing up would have been lost. Watching your example, was not lost on me. I only hope to learn as much as you, with the same passion and be able to apply it.

Your #1 son Martin in Tyndall, MB

Another feather in my cap! Wasn’t expecting it but am very happy to see children follow in one’s footsteps. Congrats on your new business venture. -Mandy

Subject: Follows in mom’s footsteps
Received: June 9, 2008

Wow! What a great website…Mom, well done and congrats! You’ve come along way. Good for you! I look forward to learning some more things from your wealth of knowledge! Lv’ya!

#1 Daughter Thompson, MB

honest…I didn’t put her up to this…or pay her! But as a Mom…I’m proud to hear it… -Mandy

Subject: Veggies smell divine
Received: May 22, 2008

I just wanted to tell you how lovely your farm is and all the plants I bought yesturday are just wonderful. They smell divine and I am looking forward to eating the fruits of our labour come summer.

Dorothy V. Winnipeg, MB

Subject: Time spent was so good
Received: May 21, 2008

Just want to thank you for a lovely time. We felt guilty for the amount of time we spent there, but it was so good! Thanks for the hospitality. I’m organizing everything (at home) right now…what fun! See you again soon!

Sonya S.Winnipeg, MB

Subject: Lovely visit
Received: May 19, 2008

Thanks again for the lovely visit and fabulous plants! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We will start planting today and will send photos of the work in progress. Happy growing!

A and S. H. Regina, Sask.

Subject: Great plants
Received: May 16, 2008

Great plants as always, Mandy! Have a great day.

Armeline B. Beausejour, MB

Subject: Website
Received: May 15, 2008

It’s great to connect with you via email. I am blown away by your website. It’s just wonderful, very colorful and informative. That’s just wonderful if you can hold those 2 Bali for me

Char W. Kenora, Ont.

Subject: Prompt e-mail response
Received: May 3, 2008

Very prompt reply.Thanks!

Linda H. Winnipeg, MB

Subject: Semp.archnoideum glabrescens alba
Received: April 29, 2008

Just to let you know that the wee semp. (this was a challenge which this gentleman met and completed well!) survived here in 3 spots. It actually thrived & like some of its cousins, it grew under the snow. It was planted in a hypertufa pot, a raised gravelly bed and left on the ground in 3 1/2″ pots. All plants made a bright, healthy green appearance a couple of weeks ago. Thank you for mailing the plants. Hope the growing year is good for you.

Chuck G. B.C.


Subject: Lovely Newsletter

Received: Oct.19, 2010

Thank you for your lovely newsletter. Always fun and full of great info. to keep the green network humming.

Gloria T. Winnipeg, MB.


Subject: Sense of Humor

Received: Nov. 17, 2009

…..I really enjoy the write-ups on your website. You have a great sense of humor and your writing is friendly and down to earth, not to mention very informative. ….I have lots of admiration for what you do.

Sandy C. Garson, MB


Subject: Everyone Benefited from the Bounty

Received: April 14, 2010

Thank you for your G.H. news. I enjoy reading it. The weather has been beautiful and I am looking forward to planting. 2009 was the first time I visited your G.H. My heirloom tomatoes did beautifully (I still have some in the freezer) The herbs….were also amazing…. neighbors, friends and family benefited from the bounty. As a result my…..mother (an avid gardener her whole life) has decided I must take her to your G.H. My mother and I look forward to your opening and making those decisions as to which plants will be finding a new home with us.

Cindy & Don


Subject: Great collection of Heirlooms

Received: May 1, 2010

I just found your website and WOW! What an extensive selection of heirloom tomatoes plants you have! If its not too much trouble, I’d love to receive the PDF file with the tomato seeds you have. I was impressed with your collection of heirloom egg plants and sweet peppers, too….. Thank you kindly.

Liat J. Toronto, Ont.


Subject: Alpine Babies

Received: July 26, 2010

…..those alpines I got last year did surprisingly well. Mind you one died before I even planted it. (…but that is what happens when you don’t take proper care of new babies…) Not only did most survive the early cold, most bloomed very nicely. I am going to let what is there go for another year before I add more.

Valerie D. Winnipeg, MB.


Subject: Comments stated with Passion

Received: July 27, 2010

Thank you for the wonderful read of your newsletter. I especially enjoyed your comments, stated clearly with passion!…..The tomato plants I purchased from you are doing well, especially the Borage! Have never seen it bloom so beautifully. What a spread it has! ….and yes, the bunnies and the chippies are all doing well, too. Holes being dug everywhere. ….Enjoy the harvest….well deserved.

Gisela G. Winnipeg, MB


Subject: Heirloom Harvest Fest 2010

Received: Sept. 19, 2010

Thanks for your hospitality. I thoroughly enjoyed the garden outing.

Roxie Oakbank, MB


Subject: Heirloom Harvest Fest 2010

Received: Sept. 23, 2010

I really enjoyed my time with you. It was great to meet you and the others….and Eva Pip’s contributions! Thanks so much for the invitation. I loved the food and the conversation. Thanks for your hospitality.

Susan Tough (speaker)


Subject: Heirloom Harvest Fest 2010

Received: Sept. 30, 2010

I have finally gotten around to thanking you on behalf of George and myself for the interesting afternoon and good food (everyone) provided. We believe in the messages you are trying to share with the community and would like to make a small donation towards that end.

Gisela & George

Thank you for your wonderfully generous donation! (: Mandy


Subject: Heirloom Seeds

Received: Sept, 2008

I really enjoyed reading your newsletter, especially about your vegetables. I know we made a request to have you speak about Alpine Plants to the ……Society, but I’m sure some of our members would be interested in your Heirloom Seeds as well. There won’t be enough time for another presentation that evening, but if you mention something about them, it might spark enough interest for the people to plan a trip to your G.H. in the spring.

Jeannette A. Winnipeg, MB.