In my original collection (of 6) that I started many “moons” ago, included a white one called “Brandywine White“. Truthfully I cannot for the life of me, remember from where I obtained the seed over 32 years ago. However, I will never forget how it behaved! That year I allowed all the tomatoes to just sprawl out…no tying to the stake! I kept watching them all for developing & ripening fruits. And they all rewarded me, except for that darn “White”!

Finally in disgust, by beginning of September I just marched right on over to it and grabbed it by its huge cover of dark green leaves! The massive weight of those leaves, I will never forget. Hidden underneath…was a GI-normous crop of pale pure white large beefsteak tomatoes I had never laid eyes on! “SO!” I said…“that’s what you’ve been up to!” I have since noticed that many of the “whites” still/will “hide” their fine fruits under a canopy of dark leaves! (Nature’s way to naturally blanch stuff?) Beware! AND may I add, a large number of them offer great flavors to match. Not boring as one would expect!

Will remain online for educational purposes. Operating on a “Hobby” basis.

Occasionally we may have “extra” seed. Pkts. marked below. If nothing marked…then it is “N/A”.

  1. Brandywine White – Pale yellow, off white fruits that bear a great resemblance to the famous tomato. Flattened oval medium beefsteaks are sweet, rich and meaty with very smooth skin. Plants bear the potato-leaf gene and are quite healthy. Taste trials put this one at 10/10! Fruits are 4-8 oz in weight. Ind. 75 days   Pkt…$3.00
  2. Cream Sausage – From S. .S Ex. ’08 Bred by Tom Wagner. Here is my favorite white. New stunning color in an elongated paste tomato! Fruits are creamy white to ivory, about 3” long x 1.25” wide, with a small nipple on its blossom end. The harvest is surprisingly good and the fruits have great flavor. The plants are not tall (about 18″) growing into a “bushy” mound of exotic ferny foliage. Entire plant presents no health problems. Very pretty! A hit with all great chefs! Determinate 70 days   
  3. Great White Beefsteak – (aka Great White) Developed by CV Gleckners Seedsmen. Plants produce gigantic white/cream beefsteak fruits, rolling in at 1 to 2lbs…one of the largest in this category! Another distinction of this variety is its flavor…which happens to be off the charts! Low acid, fruity & mild. Reminds some of a mixture of fresh-cut pineapple, guava and melons! Texture and skin is smooth and creamy. Superb eye candy! These large fruits are also meaty, blemish-free, with few seeds and heavy in individual weights. Plants are heavy into production, with great leaf cover to protect the fruits against cracking. What can I say…everyone loves it! Ind. 75-85 days   
  4. Ivory Egg  – (aka Old Ivory Egg) Was sent to the US by a seed saver in Sweden. Size (5 – 7 oz), shape and color is like an elongated chicken’s egg, with a rounded bottom end. These pale ivory/cream/pale yellow fruits are unusual for a Roma tomato. Vines are vigorous. Fruits are 3” long and will eventually turn yellow, if allowed to “bake” in the sun. Color is retained better in cooler weather or if more shade is provided during the heat of the day. Flavor is mild and sweet. Great as a display or for sauces and salads. High yields. Ind. 75 days      Pkt…$3.00
  5. Ivory Pear – Very rare! Photos that I have seen show this one to be so cute, it is beyond description. Plants are very heavy producers. Small pear-shaped fruits, in translucent ivory white and pale yellow tones. Taste is unusually sweet for this one, not being a cherry.   Pkt…$3.00
  6. Snowball – A small to medium sized, flattened globe of white skin and flesh. Average size is 6-8oz grown on long vigorous vines. Late season producer, great when all the others have pooped out! Ind. 86 days
  7. Snow White – and the 7 dwarfs! No, not this one, but (she) is white! Some describe it as having ruffled, flattened, very pale yellow/white 1” cherry fruits. Fruity sweet flavor is very refreshing. A hit with the kids. Monster 7’ plants with regular leaves, bears heavily until frost. Cream colored fruits turn pale yellow when fully ripe, keeping well on or off the vine. Dev. by Joe Bratka. Ind. 75 days
  8. Weissbehaarte – A rare old fashioned German heirloom (…from Angelo Dorny, Belgium ’07) offering long (about 4 meter) vines. Fruits are very prolific, bearing tender white silky skin, 2 oz. in size, pale whitish yellow when ripe, roundish/plum shaped and having a mild sweet flavor.
  9. White Beauty – A rarity! White, flattish fruits with pure white inside and out! 2011 produced very large (1-2 lbs) evenly sized fruits, low in acid (some say it has a slight lemon zing?), meaty and with few seeds. Obtained from heirloom plant sale. Ind. 75-80 days    Pkt…$3.00
  10. White Bush – I have been looking for this variety for quite awhile! Finally a rugose leafed plant of 16” (so dwarf & strong, that it does not need staking) bearing large (1″-1 1/2″) cherry sized white fruits (with a hint of pale yellow when completely ripe) that resist cracking. Fruits are flattish/round, very sweet with (for a white) outstanding flavor and production. Excellent producer in pots! I humbly thank Kenneth Cook of Dunbarton, N.H. for the sharing of these wonderful seeds in the spring of 2011. In my trials, I placed this one out again in the garden and was rewarded with small to medium sized fruits (not a cherry). Plants might be dwarf, but the production was triple for one this size. Flavor was very pleasant.  Det. 70 days    Pkt…$3.00
  11. White Currant – Fruits are tiny (.5″ diameter) with creamy white skin that turns a translucent yellow when completely ripe. These wee cherry fruits are superbly sweet…one of the best flavors in a taste trial @ BC Seeds in 2001. Fruits grow in clusters and plants offer huge yields. Productive right till frost. A wild type. Watch for volunteers!   Ind. 60 days
  12. White Oxheart – Seems to be from Germany through several routes Ex; 1) Reinhard Kraft – Neunkirchen, Germany and 2) Manfred Halm-Hartmann of Konradsreuth, Germany. Fruits are 8-16oz (500g) of pure cream white with a pink overtone (blush). Flesh is typically solid and flavor is good. Productive healthy plants. In my growouts, I had fruits 1 – 2 lbs. A real treat to see a white oxheart this size! Ind. 85 days    Limited   Pkt…$3.00
  13. White Queen – Large (1-2 lbs) white beautiful beefsteak fruits with very smooth skin. This variety offers more pink blush at the blossom end, than others in this listing. All ripen to a pale yellow with no cracking. My random sampling tasted juicy & sweet with well-balanced flavors…not common for whites! AND lets not forget the huge leaf cover…guarding the bounty. In fact it was so heavy the fruits managed to elude several applications of nasty frost! Ind. 85 days   Pkt…$3.00
  14. White Rabbit – 2011 showed plants of enormous size and girth, over 6 feet tall and 3 feet wide! Fruits start out white, turning pale yellow when fully ripe. Their flavor were addictive (uniquely flavored)…tropical and ambrosial! Plants are very productive. Small wonder…developed by Joe Bratka. Ind. 65 days
  15. White Tomesol – Really difficult to find out why this variety bears this name. However an amazing white variety, bursting with fragrance and naturally flavored. Fruits are creamy/white (with a gentle pink blush…), weighing about 6-12 oz. each. Customers are saying, one of the best whites for both taste & appearance. Flavor is rich, smooth and sweet. Vines set modestly in clusters of 2 to 5 in each cluster. Ind. 80 days    Pkt…$3.00
  16. White Wonder – Heirloom from Belarus. Well, we have a White Wonder cucumber (which we think is fabulous…). And now we are offering a tomato by the same name. A flat big white beefsteak of 10 oz. to 1lb. possible. Some say that if offers fruit in irregular shapes. Some say it has a mild flavor…others say it is far sweeter than most whites. The key here is to let this one ripen fully, not harvest too quickly. Plants grow to about 4 feet. Late season producer.
  17. White Zebra From Norwood Meiners of Mandeville, LA. The size of these are very similar to all the “Zebra” types out there, with one amazing difference, this one has a white color base with yellow & green jagged stripes shot over. The medium sized 2-3″ fruits are slightly flattish/round with velvety baby smooth skin! Very good flavor, if you happen to like some chewy texture. Production is outstanding for plants that do not get too tall. Ind. 80-85 days    Pkt…$3.00