Spring is Just Around the Corner!

For some reason, as soon as January turns a corner…time litterly flies! However the weather has (in our area it seems…) other plans! Some of the coldest temps have arrived for this time of year, not seen in awhile! But we are going to change that…right??!!

Getting excited to share the last of the “Mohicans” (...In case you didn’t know…this word comes from the last line of the novel, when an old Native American says to a gathered crowd: “I have lived to see the last warrior of the wise race of the Mohicans”.) And in so many ways this bears the same truth, where Heritage/Heirloom Seeds are concerned. It appears nobody wants to support the old warriors...the old strains of seeds. What is not realized, these older seeds have withstood the test of time. They have (gotten wise/adapted) to wars, famine, extreme weather, soil changes, temperature changes…the likes that many have never experienced and even seen! Every generation before, has gone through these horrific challenges, except this last one. Our ancestors KNOW what this means and appreciates the outcome of peace, it hopefully achieved. For THAT REASON, our seeds are just like our WISE ELDERS …never to be the “forgotten”! 

The COLLECTION of my extras, I’m offering represents exactly that! The last of the last… These seeds have arrived to me (for which I’m humbled) from all over the world, litterly. They represent and have stood for, the passage of history and time. IF they could speak, the stories they could tell would be mind boggling! If you choose to enter into my website, you will see the massive accumulation of history which has taken me over 35 years to research and share. No where else will you see this dedication and no where else will you see the passion I have shared and experienced, growing and connecting with them. In so many ways…I feel like “the last of the Mohicans”. Because when I close my doors, which appears not too far away…my accumulated history and these beautiful varieties will be erased for ever.

For your pleasure, here are just a few my favorites:

Elberta Girl

Armenian tomato

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