Make Genetic Diversity of Heirloom and Heritage Veg your business.

HERITAGE and HEIRLOOM VEGETABLE SEED extras, offered by a hobby gardener, dedicated to their historical preservation.


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When I go into the garden, I forget everything. It shuts away my “other world” of drama and false fronts. There I find peace, harmony, balance…it asking nothing of me except to participate & heal.

Mandy’s GH will remain online!

Mandy’s Greenhouse will remain online for educational purposes. I am NOT closing this business, as its name and intellectual property belongs to me exclusively.
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2022/2023 My “Extra Seed” Inventory is up to date and running

Goodness How Time Flies, when there is Soooo Much to do! I can’t believe as I’m typing this…our first serious snowfall has arrived! Yuk! On one hand its great as now finally I can do some serious “work inside”…like resting

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