Cherry (Red & Pink)

Cherry tomato varieties have always been a favorite that small children have made famous. Young children will relate to them because so many fit perfectly in their wee hands and some plants will grow only as tall as they are! We have a grand list on offer. No one should go home empty handed here! Nothing is more exciting to a small “budding” gardener than picking off the first red fruits that THEY helped grow! Also let’s not forget other cherry varieties available in our “colored” sections.

Will remain online for educational purposes. Operating on a “Hobby” basis.

Occasionally we may have “extra” seed. Pkts. marked below.  If nothing marked...then it is “N/A”.

  1. Bali – oriental favorite (and mine, too….) arriving from the Island of Bali, Indonesia. These modestly small (2”-3”), raspberry red fruits are flattish, irregular shaped with a concave on top, kind’ve sweet & spicy with a pronounced fragrance. Plants are large and fruit is prolific. A great one for eating straight out of the garden! Ind. 75 days
  2. Calabacito Rojo Unknown history. A large bushy plant offering loads of red, seedy, small (3-5oz), flattened, ribbed fruits that are quite sweet and early. Others have indicated that there is a variation of fruits between plants. Some having round smooth ping pongs while others were fluted. Does well in hot, dry summers. Will crack if abundant rain falls later. Pretty. Ind. 75 days    Pkt…$3.00
  3. Ceylon – obtained from Eastern Native Seed Savers. Small, 1-2oz. “toonie-sized, flattened disk-shaped, scarlet red, irregular, ruffled (like mini a “Costoluto Genovese“) intriguing fruits! Such cuties! The flavor is different (hard to describe) rich, sweet & acidic, with a bit of zing! These wee ones are manufactured in great profusion. Excellent garnish on a plate. Vines can grow quite long. Ind. 56-85 days!  
  4. Elfin – Back for 2024! An open-pollinated version of the famous Grape Tomato. Short semi-determinate vines produce (over a long period of time) huge sprays of blossoms (that carpet the entire plant) turning into 100’s of tiny grape-like fruit clusters. Most are from 3/4” to 1” long, not too sweet but pleasant, meaty, juicy and thin-skinned. Determinate. 60 days    Pkt…$3.00
  5. Flamenco – Bred by a Seed Saver Exchange member. Is a stable cross between Silvery Fir Tree and Floridade. The first is known for feather foliage and earliness and the latter for heat, drought tolerance and disease resistance. Grows to a 4 ft. bushy plant (semi-determinate), loaded with highly flavorful (acidic/sugar balance) 2″ round yet flattened red fruits. If Silvery Fir tree has any influence…racemes with be loaded with 6 or more fruits per. Said to produce straight into hot weather without batting an eye.   And now you know the rest of the story…   Pkt…$3.00
  6. Gardeners’ Delight – From Germany. These wee crack resistant fruits rate high with many gardeners for rich sugar-sweet flavor. They average a little over ½” in diameter and are offered in long racemes of 20 to 60 per. Tall plants need to be trellised to show these beauties off. Produces heavily until frost. Ind. 65 days   Pkt…$3.00
  7. Galapagos Island Pear Shaped – (aka Solanum cheesmanii) [Actually a wild tomato variety, native to the Galapagos Islands, purported to be a popular food source for their famous island Turtles….T.Winds’12] I found another interesting tidbit from a contributor to Dave’s Gardening Forum: “Seed must pass thru the digestive tract of the Giant Galapagos tortoise to germinate!” Also this species is naturally salt tolerant, so if you have a higher levels of salt in your soil, this one might perform better for you. Whether we actually need the turtle (on the other hand…) to help us here, will be proven this spring! A wonderfully roundish, elongated tear-drop wee “cherry” pear that packs a awesome punch in flavor! Plants will grow from 6 to 8 feet. Production is tremendous, too. 
  8. Lilliput – Here is a super cute little scarlet red cherry tomato heirloom variety from Brazil. Fruits are tiny and very sweet. Not to be confused with the hybrid variety offer by the Italian Seed Co. “Franchi Sementi” which is a determinate and bush type. This one is Ind. Heaviest producer in my trials of 2013! Wow!      
  9. Matt’s Wild Cherry – found wild in remote parts of Mexico. Small, deep red fruits are packed with sweet/acidic flavor. Fruits are tiny, only ½” in diameter….the size of a dime, loaded on long trusses. Plants (about 3 ft. tall….) overall are smaller, look frail (but are very tough…) producing straight till frost. Make sure to pick up ALL the wee ripe fruits or you will have a “forest” in the same place next year! Heavy producer! Ind. 60 days
  10. Mexico Midget – a mighty mini…something like a wild species. Very flavorful, sharp sweet and acidic in very small scarlet red fruits. Heavy production on a medium plant.  
  11. Petitebec – from Quebec. Wow! My trials showed this was the 2nd earliest (right behind Canestra Cluster) of all my 100 or so tomato varieties trialed in 2011 ! These large 1” to 1 1/2″ red globe cherries were produced in copious amounts on regular-leaf, determinate (24″ tall) growing vines. Real nice tomatoey flavor too. Det. 56 days
  12. Pink Ice – unknown history. Very tall plants producing these very perfect plum-oval ice pink 1” small fruits. Perfect to complement salads where there are already red and yellow cherries within! Ind. 80 days
  13. Pink Niblets – In my garden (many moons ago…) I came upon a “forest” of tomato volunteers. According to my map of the year before, this was the last “resting” spot of this variety. I left about half a dozen plants and was amazed to see many finish ripening by late August! Plants that I have trialed since, are all heavy producers of large (2-4 oz) oval/squarish deep pink 2 toned fruits with wonderful complex flavor. Ind. 70 days
  14. Placero – the original (acc. to BC ) was obtained from a gentleman by the name of Herb Culver, who collected it while on a trip to Cuba, from a man there named Orlando at Mission Mundial. Very leafy (and tall!) plants offered a production of 1″ scarlet red cherry tomatoes very high beta-carotene content. Tasty was very tomato like and almost salty. Long season grower. 78 days
  15. Pomme d’Amour – (aka Love Apple) originated on the Canary Islands. This heirloom managed to stay isolated there for a known 100 years! Starts out sweet and ends up zingy! These small red cherry fruits ( about 2-5oz) are grown in large clusters on semi-determinate plants. ? days
  16. Pomodori a Grappioli d’Inverno – name means “Winter Grapes”. Obtained from gardeners in Vasto, southern Italy where they were selected for 100+ years there. These large vines offer up red, plum-like fruits with excellent flavor. These were bred to uproot the whole plant to hang upside down to ripen slowly for winter keeping. Plants are very productive and fruits…tasty. Ind. 80 days
  17. Pusa Ruby – from India. A cute deep purple-red salad tomato of 2”. Flavor is unusual, very acidic and tart, yet with a real tomato twang. The shape is also unusual, like a chubby 4-leafed clover, flattish with 4 round corners! AND they are seedy (pleasantly so…) Plants are extremely productive, surviving stress well. Foliage is sparse. Fruits are also good keepers, as they have thicker skin and will not break down. (well, you guessed it – one of my personal favs) Ind. 80 days    Pkt…$3.00
  18. Red Fig – this heirloom dates back to the 1700’s, being offered by numerous seeds-men then! Documented to 1805 in Album Vilmorin. Small deep red 1 ½” pear-shaped fruits (necks are long and slender…resembling tiny bowling pins) were popular then for making tomato figs. Plants are, once again, heavy into the production. Fruits are sweet, mild and tasty. Ind. 75-85 days
  19. Red Pear – Looks quite a lot like “Red Fig”, once more thicker on its stem end. Very prolific. Very popular with customers.    Pkt…$3.00
  20. Reisentraube (Rote)– the name means “Grape Vine – Red”. A rare, non-commercial heirloom variety from Germany dating back to the 1850’s. Then grown by the Pennsylvanian Dutch in the US as far back as 1855. Is referred to in an old cookbook in 1857 for making wine because of its sweetness. Fruits are red, 1oz. chubby-plum-shaped cherries with pointy ends (nipple) on the blossom end. Large prolific bushy plants produce massive clusters……100’s per plant. Their great popularity is mainly due to their wonderful intense flavor, mostly sweet, slightly tart….( flavor improves with advanced ripening….) making wonderful additions to salads world wide. Little fruits do not split after heavy rains. Skin is thicker than most, making them a great storage tomato as well. Won heirloom tomato contest in 2007 in Iowa. (There is also a yellow version of this wonderful variety – see Yellow Tomato Section) Ind. 70-90 days     Pkt…$3.00
  21. Santorini Plum (Paste) – from the Greek Island of Santorini. This smallish paste tomato came from a gentleman there… Well… you see…it is really not a paster! The name is deceiving! (Or someone goofed!) The fruits are really flattened, scalloped red salad tomatoes, with that old-fashioned flavor you would expect in a heirloom! Plants are prolific, growing very well through heat & drought. The small 2 to 3oz. red fruits are filled with seeds, too. Plants will grow to 5 feet. Ind. 75 days
  22. Slava – an old Czech heirloom. Names means “Glory” in Czech. Red tear-drop (others say round…) shaped tasty fruits of 2 to 3oz. A good performer in early seasons offering heavy production. Potato-leaf plants that seem to have some blight protection. Ind. 65 days
  23. Sprite – from Geza Korbely, Hungary. A grape tomato for small gardens! No sacrifice on fruit quality, size, production OR flavor……just shorter plants! Fruits are red, small and plum-like ovals with refreshingly sweet crisp flesh and thin skins. Just like the originals. Amazing production on compact, determinate plants. 60 days
  24. Sugar Cherry – For reasons I can’t answer, has fallen thro the cracks and never been listed. And the more I look, the less I can find on this wee one! Seems to have started hanging around our place since 2012! Its like an “in-be-tweener”, not like a Midget, not like a Sugar Lump. That is all I can tell, except…its darn tasty and it has thicker skin and won’t crack.   Pkt…$3.00
  25. Sugar Lump – German heirloom. Old fashioned tomato flavor for a cherry. Very, very sweet 1″ smooth red fruits. Plants also offer high yields as experienced in my previous trials.   Pkt…$3.00
  26. Sugar Sundrop (M’s) – Came out of Sun Gold. Very very sweet but red and much larger.   Pkt…$3.00
  27. Sugary – an AAS winner! Large cherry-sized 1” deep rose/red/pink oval fruits with a pointy blossom end. Produced in modest clusters on semi-determinate plants in generous amounts. Plants are smaller and compact with long season production. Determinate 60 day
  28. Swt – Tee – From my friend in Wetaskwin, Alberta. John Safroniuk developed this one and sent me some seeds last spring. I believe that when John has a “hand” in something…like his Alta Blush potato, it must be good! He claims it tastes very good and has a good yield, tho not crazy productive like some can get. Maybe this is something we need? Scarlet red 1/2″ fruits are resistant to cracking, yet remain quite juicy. He claims it is a great keeper as well. My 2013 trials proved everything he said was true! Sweet! Ind.   Pkt…$3.00
  29. Sweet 100 – New for 2024! Well what do you know!? I remember this one always growing to about 5 ft. Sorry mine only grew to 12″ !!!  Fruits (considering) are a whooping loonie size too! Go figure and SWEET too…. Gonna try these????     Pkt….$3.00
  30. Sweet Pea – (aka Sweet Pea Currant) One of the tiniest uniform red currant tomatoes, the size of a ‘pinkie nail”. Fruits are surprisingly rich and sweet for something so tiny. Plants bear an abundance of the tiny fruits in mini-long trusses, resembling beads on a necklace or peas in a pod! Something your wee grandchildren might want to check out. Ind. 75 days
  31. Thai Pink Egg A heirloom from Thailand, grown by Homer and Meg Campbell. A local farmers’ market favorite for years in the area. A small, oval, 2” iridescent 2-toned pink & Ice, smooth-skinned, little tomato. Flesh of this one is sweet, meaty, smooth and mild. Onset of late-season rains will not cause the fruits to crack. Incredible yields! Trials in 2015 and 2021 proved this one to be the heaviest and prettiest ice pink oval, clusters of fruits I have ever harvested, on <2ft tall plants! Took pics like crazy! Could not take my eyes off this one! And WHAT did I go and do…FORGOT to harvest a single fruit in 2015! What a dunce I was! Love these wee “18” shorties”! Hard to find, but definitely worth growing. Ind. 65-75 days   
  32. Togo Trefle – heirloom from Togo in West Africa. A pretty small (1-2”) pink slightly seedy variety, some round, some flat, some ribbed fruits (occasionally there will be a red one….) with a “fruity’ taste. Some growers commented that their fruits occasionally crack and won’t keep well…but the shapes are interesting. Vigorous vines are very productive in heat and drought. Keeps producing for a long time. Ind. 80 days