Listed below are some of the prettiest tomato varieties you could not find anywhere. Having grown so many of these and still unable to find our absolute favorite. They are big, they are beautiful. Each offering another version of yellow, red or orange…occasionally mixed in with other colors! The flavors too (as diverse as the varieties…) are to die for! (Many of these have been loaded onto Flickr…so go check’m out!)

Will remain online for educational purposes. Operating on a “Hobby” basis.

Occasionally we may have “extra” seed. Pkts. marked below. If nothing marked…then it is “N/A” .

  1. Armenian – WOW! Unknown history. One of the most unusual and unique varieties I have ever had the pleasure of growing! Plants consistently produce huge, heavy and abundant fruits throughout the season. The tomatoes are very large (12-20oz) with heavily indented “dips” in the very top (and center) of each fruit. Correspondingly, there are indents from underneath, where the stem is fastened. If you were to admire the fruit from its side, it would appear as if someone squeezed it from the top and from the bottom! The color, is a very bright lemon yellow with brilliant red swirled throughout in different amounts. (See Photo on Flickr…) The flesh inside “maps” the color outside. This large beefsteak has good flavor with a meaty texture and juicy cavities. Not seedy or dry. Plants grow to 4 ft. Ind. 85 days    RARE!   Pkt…$4.00
  2. Big Rainbow – (aka Rainbow Bi-Color) Introduced in 1990 by S. S. Ex…..a family heirloom for years, from Polk County, MN, sent to Dorothy Beiswenger. Another very large (18-26oz) bi-color, bright yellow with pink/red marbling OR pretty orange/yellow with red streaks radiating from the blossom end. This variety is also a beefsteak, with more rounder shapes than is typical, but with semi-flattish forms. Flavor is deliciously sweet and as great as the color. Ind. 75-80 days    Pkt…$3.00
  3. Big White Pink Stripe – from Geza Korbely of Hungary. Large to extra-large (10-18 oz.) pale peach to pale yellow globe slicer with a pinkish blush on the blossom/bottom end and peach/cream colored flesh. Shapes vary sometimes to the irregular. The flavor can be quite indescribable! Meaty with a fruity tropical flavor…similar to melons, but with a slightly sweeter and tangier taste. Ind. 70-90 days      Pkt…$3.00
  4. Blush – Fred Hempel of Baia Nicchia Farms in California developed this fine unique variety. First time offering a gorgeous small 2 1/2″ long bi-colored pointy “roma” like tomato! In my trials, they matured with clear golden/yellow base over washed by blushes and/or streaks of rose and/or red. Very small plants for such heavy production throughout the season. Will soon become your next great favorite with its sweet, fruity refreshing flavor! Ind. 76 days     Pkt….$3.00
  5. Copia – a natural cross between “Green Zebra” and “Marvel Strip” that was stabilized into greatness by Jeff Dawson. Named after the American Center of Food, Wine and the Arts, in Napa, California. (?) A stunningly beautiful tomato! It is hard to say if it has a red base with yellow and orange stripes (OR…..the reverse) radiating from its center. Fine lines of yellow, gold, orange and red make up the color scheme of this one! Fruits are a roundish large beefsteak of 1 to 1.5lbs. Visually exciting! Flavor is juicy and sweet with old-fashioned overtones. Ind. 85 days    Pkt…$3.00
  6. Dixie Golden Giant – an old heirloom tracing back to an Amish family in 1930. A lemon yellow huge beefsteak variety reaching 1 to 3 lbs. Fruits have few seeds, are meaty, borne in great profusion, with a mild, sweet, juicy and refreshing taste. Another lovely bi-color with a soft pink blush on its bottom end. Plants are large and a little earlier than typical beefsteaks of this size. Ind. 75-80 days
  7. Golden Pineapple – Oh no! Here we go again! Obtained these from Solana Seeds. No history, but because several years ago these caused a lot of debate in this moi’s emails…I thought to try and see what develops here. Was expecting to see a “warm” golden pineapple colored variety here, but indeed these show striping. Which is why I offer them here instead. I have also acquired another source as well, so let the battles for a “true” golden pineapple begin! Shown to be a huge oblate/boat shaped fruit with gently multicolored gold and red flesh. Skin has varying splashes of red over yellow gold or vise versa.
  8. Hawaiian Pineapple – unknown history. What sets this one apart from the others is its size and massive production! Fruits have been known to reach 2-3 lbs, with orange/yellow skin and gentle red/rose striping and streaking though and though. Flesh is meaty and juicy. Flavor is rich, fruity and fantastic ? like a pineapple. Ind. 90-95 days
  9. Hillbilly – (aka Hillbilly Flame) Said to originate from West Virginia. There seems to be some discrepancies in the description of this fine variety. I will share both! 1) Fruits are orange/yellow with red splashes, large, smooth. 2) Fruits are huge, heavily ribbed, orange & red skinned, with orange and red interiors. I have noticed both variations on the plants that I trailed in the past 5 years. Plants are huge and the fruits can reach 3 lbs.! Flavor is fruity and sweet complex. Ind. 92 days
  10. M’s Mystery Striped Roma Don’t know from where hence this one arrived…but I LIKE it! In its second year, it continued to offer healthy 6 ft. tall very productive plants with some of the largest Roma type fruits I have ever seen. Fruits were elongated, with gentle points, easily reaching 5 – 6″ x 2 – 3″ widths. Their shape & size reminded me of “Howard German”. Color base was scarlet red with a multitude of fine gold and yellow stripes. (…see photos on Flickr) Flavor and texture was typical paste type. Will be keeping this one around for awhile! Ind. 78 to 90 days    Limited  Pkt…$3.00
  11. M’s Striped Beefsteak Red & Yellow – It just showed up and I kind’a like it! Outside is definitely a deep bright red and then yellow/orange stripes dance randomly all over them. No two are the same.. For the most part it appears as a beefsteak but right near its blossom end, there is a sharp wee point. Hard to say which it really is but…it is tasty and & juicy. Will it stay this way…?     Pkt…$3.00
  12. Mammoth German Gold – heirloom from the 1800’s….. well-named for its huge (2lbs) bi-colored fruits. Orange/yellow skin with some rose blush (“Pineapple” type….), solid meat, orange/yellow with rose streaked flesh, flat on top, but with slight core on the blossom end. Very decent flavor for this type…very tart & sweetly complex. One of the best tasting bi-colors I have ever trialed. Ind. 85-90 days      Pkt…$3.00
  13. Marvel Striped – a Mexican heirloom! Here is one of the most interesting bi-colors that I have ever grown. The plants are huge and need to be supported. The production is equally huge…the other reason for the support! The fruits are not true beefsteaks, but with a gentle oxheart shape in some of them. Their color is neon translucent! A wonderful blend of bright orange, yellow and gold. Touched off with a brush of rose/red! There are no defining stripes or splashes here…only different blends of color…one after another (each different ) on each fruit. “Nature is a wondrous splendid thing!” The fruits range from 12oz to 2 lbs.+ Keep this one well watered and fed!  Ind. 80-85 days
  14. Mortgage Lifter (Bi-color) – (aka Mortgage Lifter-Pesta Strain) So much like the original pink version in flavor….very refreshing, sweet, fruity and meaty. Fruit sizes are 1.5 to 2.5lbs! Then there is a twist in color…..where the yellows and reds mix themselves so well, one cannot tell them apart! They gently and softly spread their stripes over the fruit, till it becomes the prettiest bi-color yet! Production is typical “Mortgage Lifter”! Ind. 85 days    
  15. Nature’s Riddle – Originated with Valerrie Popenko of Kazakhstan. A big Bi-color of huge proportions, from where else…Russia! Fairly smooth, golden yellow beefsteaks suffused with streaks of salmon and pink. Pure eye candy! Very sweet and meaty.
  16. Northern Lights – A medium to large sized beefsteak with bi-color variations, not yet described here in. Unlike the others…this one has different colors radiating from one area to another in patches and swirls…not just from the blossom end. The colors can be green to yellow to pink to rose/red and back! Just like the Northern Lights in the North American sky! Plants offer few problems and production is generous. The taste is divine! Ind. 75-90 days
  17. Oaxacan Jewel – a lovely large neon yellow/orange/rose striking beefsteak! The colors, this time tend to run into each other, in an ? “organized” fashion. The overall dominate color is gold with small soft streaks of rose and orange blended in at the right spot ex) blossom end and stem ends to complement. This “sunset” beefsteak literally glows! The flavor is sweet/acidic and fruity. Wow! Ind. 75-85 days      Pkt….$3.00
  18. Old Flame – (aka ? HillBilly Flame ) Another huge one from my 2013 summer trials!
  19. Old German – how do I describe ‘thee’? Let me tell you the ways! A flattish bi-colored beefsteak of huge proportions, growing from 1 to 1.5 lbs. This one has iridescent broad stripes of gold, orange and rose shot throughout, running from stem down to blossom end. The fruits are irregular in shape, bending and twisting gently to fill their space! Flavor continues to impress! Good yields and strong plants. Ind. 85 days
  20. Old Time Red and Yellow – Tanya S. of H. H. Seeds obtained this one from an elderly lady, who claimed to have been growing it for many years. Plants are very productive, producing beefsteak-like fruits of enormous sizes….2 to 3 lbs. she says. Fruits are mostly yellow and red, with some being only red on the same plant! Very popular bi-color and delicious. Ind. 90 days
  21. Orange Russian #117 – Jeff Dawson has been at it again! Here is the very first bi-colored “Oxheart” fruit that I have ever seen! Previous to growing this one, web photos told me, I would be in for a surprise. Well 2010 offered me a terrific show! Color variations were: 1) Red blush stripes on yellow 2) Yellow and red patches 3) Orange stripes with pink marbling 4) Orange, red and pink marbling 5) Orange marbling with red stripes! Every plant I trialed offered this excitement! (Check out my pic of this gorgeous one in Flickr)! I took tons of pics. It was real hard to load just one! Nice! All fruits showed gentle contours of typical oxhearts and plants bore the classic wispy foliage. Was very happy with the production. Unusually sweet for an oxheart, yet meaty with few seeds. Ind. 90 days              Pkt…$3.00
  22. Pineapple – this is the one everyone raves about for possessing some of the most delicious flavors of all tomato varieties! In general, it is a large sized, lemon yellow beefsteak of 1.5 lbs, shot through with red inside and red swirls fingering up outside from the blossom end. Uniquely patterned and most beautiful! Variations will always occur from one garden to the next, from one continent to the next. Will produce in very hot weather, providing you keep it hydrated! Gently ribbed, dense juicy fruits possess a strong acid to sugar balance, blended with an unusual pineapple-like overtone. (Subject to unusual disappearances when company is over!) Plants are heavily foliaged to protect fruits. Ind. 85 days          Pkt…$3.00
  23. Polish Pastel – A rare unusual bi, wait maybe tri-colored tomato. Found in the form of a Roma! They describe it as developing a “rainbow of pastel colors” as it reaches maturity. Indeed the photos have me drooling! Fruits said to grow to 10 cm/4″ long, forming a gentle bulbous (Bartlett pear-like) bottom end. When sliced open shows 4 colors: light orange, gold, yellow and some red. Delicious enough to eat with the eyes. Skin also showed various amounts of these colors in different areas on the fruit. In my 2013 trials, they proved their worth in every sense! Photos will prove it as well. One of my favs of the season!     
  24. Red Belly – An orange, gold beefsteak shaped tomato with deep rose-pink and red streaking. Streaks of red, travel up its sides. 2018 was the year where it grew gia-normous!…up to 3 lbs! A lovely tasting, non-acidic larger tomato that is produced on strong plants. Fruits are not prone to blossom end rot. Ind. 90 days   Pkt…$3.00
  25. Sara Gold Star Cherry Here is what I think is “Isis’s” compact cousin! Golden 1″ fruits bearing blotches of red and yellow, with no star-like symbol on the bottom. Every fruit offers different patterns, slightly different shape and size. (see photos on Flickr…) Flesh is the same color, but with greater fruity & sweet flavor. Then…it comes in early at 65 days on a Determinate plant! Nice!   Pkt…$3.00
  26. Striped German Handed down by a German family from Hampshire County. This is the first bi-colored tomato that I ever grew. (There is a long story about this very plant. Write me sometime, and I will tell it to you.) The plants are strong, vigorous and productive. The (original 1998) large (1-2lbs) pure lemon gold beefsteaks were semi-flattish, gently ribbed, with pointed blossom ends. The interiors were shot through with scarlet red, more than what showed on the outside, so you received quite an eye-full when you sliced it open! A small amount of red blended up from the pointed blossom end. The variety that I have today does not have the gentle pointy blossom end and are more reddish than my originals. However, they are just as beautiful and the flavor is fabulous! Ind. 78 days    Pkt…$3.00
  27. Sweet Cream – Oh what a delight these were! Noticed them way across the garden as they were producing like bonkers for whole summer. Threatening to escape the very raised box they were grown in. Such frail 2ft. plants offering brilliant golden yellow roma shaped fruits, with wee pointy tips, combined with fine stripes of white and random patches, stripes and blushings of scarlet red, on sides and toward the tip! Amazingly their flavor wasn’t like a roma at all! Full flavored (sweet combined with acidic like some big guys!) with juicy flavor running down your chin! How could I forget to list this gorgeous variety!      Pkt….$3.00
  28. Texas Star – until I am told different, this variety resembles “Oaxacan Jewel”. A huge golden yellow beefsteak of 1 lb, with scarlet red streaks and stripes. Mild and sweet flavor with few seeds. Ind. 75-80 days
  29. Vintage Wine – introduced from Europe. I believe this variety to be the only bi-color with potato-leaf form. Here is a fair sized (6-12oz) tomato with pink, tan/cream & red super fine streaks and blends from bottom to top. What an unusual color! AND so different than any other I have ever grown! In the grouping that I trailed out, each fruit looked just like the other…super clones! An absolutely beautiful exterior and an exciting bright creamy/red interior. Flavor is also interesting… gently sweet and tart. Fruits are seedy and plants offer modest disease protection. Ind. 80 days      Pkt…$3.00
  30. Virginia Sweets – A heirloom bi-color, the best some folks have ever eaten. Gi-normous at over 2 lbs. Stunningly gorgeous golden yellow beefsteak with tons of fine red stripes and scarlet blushing on top of each monster. Plants are heavy producers and its flesh is sweet. 80 days