About me

I am a self taught gardener (as are many of you…) I have a sincere love for all living/growing things be they animal or plant.

I had my first garden, when I was 6, carved out of a 4 ft. tall brome grass patch, a 4ft. by 6ft oval. My parents offered a corner of their garden, but their garden (chock full of that darn purslane…) was always cultivated over in the fall and that was not what I wanted! At the top, I planted a gooseberry shrub and to the south, all the vegetable seeds and plants that I could shove in! I also found an abandoned cold (?hot) frame behind the lilac shelter, that great grandpa had made many years before which grew some great shade plants.

As time passed (and I grew up…) I left the peaceful old farmstead and headed straight for the big city. I almost died! Eventually I married and no matter where we were, gardens of all kinds were a way of life, offering security and serenity. Not a year went by that I did not have one and make use of it!

I have experimented (and sometimes succeeded…LoL) with all types of manure, insects, diseases, fertilizers, soils and amendments. I have also grown quite a few house plants, namely African Violets and Streptocarpuses, then roses, raspberries, strawberries, tons of perennials flowers, lilies, some trees & fruit trees, grapes and now finally alpine/rock garden varieties and heritage vegetables.

My greatest teachers have been, first and foremost, my parents and my grandparents. As I transgressed thru life, I met many like-minded garden folk from all walks of life, who in some form or other have influenced me and honored me with their knowledge and friendship. I have had the honor of learning so many things from so many. (…And still am…)

Presently we have 6 grandchildren (from our own 2…). They have been the light of our lives. We have so much to teach them.

I feel so blessed for all that I have. And I am grateful and honored to share what ever I know.