Welcome to our BOOKS:

  1. THE END OF FOOD End of Foodby Thomas Pawlick How the Food Industry is destroying our food supply and what you can do about it. Highly recommended! Author points to changes that have taken place in the food industry over the last 60 years. Research both in the US and Canada has shown that the vitamins and minerals in supermarkets produce have decreased by as much as 70% in that time frame. – Jeff Green 2007         $15.00
  2. Orchids of Manitoba 2005 – Highly recommended! Put together by members of the Native Orchid Conservation Society of Manitoba. “One of the best guides in N.A., a blend of excellency, accuracy and quality…the photographs are exceptional…a great book – Paul M. Cattling.  $15.00
  3. THE WHOLE ORGANIC FOOD BOOK The Whole Organic Food Book2001 by Dan Jason This book provides insight and inspiration for those wanting to grow and eat food that is pure and natural. Whole food guru (and author) Mr. Jason encourages and instructs on the ways to regaining control over our food supply through sensible, natural gardening techniques.  2 left… $15.00


  1. THE FUTURE OF FOOD The Future of Foodby Deborah Koons Garcia (DVD, one part runs 1.5 Hrs.) Produced by Lily Films of Mill Valley, California, US. 2-Disc special edition. Highly recommended! There is a revolution happening on the farm fields and on the dinner tables of NA. This film investigates into the disturbing truth behind the unlabeled, patented, genetically engineered foods that have quietly filled grocery store shelves. All this in only the last 15 short years! “Quietly inflammatory…unsettling!” – Stephen Holden    The New York Times   3 left…$15.00