It’s Only January. Its gotten so cold, but WE …have to Keep BUSY!

Oh my! So many things yet to do. BUT first…let me show you all, what wonderful seeds are out there!

These session is going to be strictly…about BEANS! The varieties and selection are endless! SOOOO much colour, shape, form and production! So instead of rambling on…just let me show you!

Please know that the EXACT bean variety I might not have. BUT…I have sooo many others, who are just as beautiful, if not more so. Please check out my BEAN SECTION within this website. I would have to take more photos…and bear with me….I just might just do that. They are so darn cute!

Bean Kuma Anna Grey

Candy bean

Lilaschecke pole bean

Mrocumiere bush

Bean Littlefield Special

Giele Waldbeantsje bean

Tamila bean

A mystery…pole

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