Beefsteaks Red & Rose (Lg)

The Giants of the Seed trade! I have found…much to my amusement, that “most gentlemen prefer the “Big Red” ones! (The “wives” want to “experiment“!) Admittedly, nothing will take one’s breath away more than discovering a group of “monsters” under a canopy of leaves…LOL!

Will remain online for educational purposes.  Operating on a “Hobby” basis.

Occasionally we may have “extra” seed. Pkts. marked below. If nothing marked…then it is “N/A”

  1. 1884 – original seeds discovered by Mr. James Lyde Williamson in some debris after the big Ohio River flood in friendly West Virginia! Lg. pink regular tomato flavored beefsteak. Has always produced very well for me.
  2. Abraham Lincoln – BuckBee’s seed farm in Illinois introduced this popular variety in 1933. Each cluster has as many as 9 bright red fruits, each weighing 1 to 2 lbs. Round & smooth, rather than ribbed. Very meaty with few seeds. Taste is mild, but not bland. Foliage has a bronze tinge. Ind. 77 days      Pkt…$3.00
  3. Aussie – heirloom from Australia. An impressive pink beefsteak to show off to your friends! Huge fruits of 1-2 lbs, borne abundantly on vigorous vines. Bursting with a great blend of sugar and acid….old-fashioned. Ind. 85 days 
  4. Baca’s Large Bumpy Pink – obtained from my mother-in-law, whom obtained it from her homeland in Croatia. A super-sized deep pink tomato with some huge bumps to match. Vines are vigorous and productive from years of selections. Juicy, mild yet very tasty. Ind. 85 days
  5. Bear Claw – from a Ben Quisenberry collection. Large pink beefsteak offering great flavor, a lot of meatiness and huge yields. Fruits are 1-1.5 lbs with regular leaves. Ind. 85 days
  6. Beefsteak – Produces huge delicious fruits that are a great scarlet red, known for their ribbed shapes. Popular old standard. Will produce vigorous vines. Yet produces best when grown in tomato cages. Ind. 85 – 96 days
  7. Believe It or Not – What is believable is an exceptional set of very large bright red fruits with excellent flavor. These smooth beefsteak-type are capable of reaching 2 lbs. Excellent sandwich tomato with plenty of juice. Ind.; 85 days   Pkt…$3.00
  8. Brag – (aka “Bragger”) Not 100% sure if this is the original “Bragger” that my Dad & Mom used to grow for years and talk about. I will have to do a “lengthy” consult with them to find out what its true attributes were. For the time being, I am told this was the standard among all red tomato varieties for years in the 60’s & 70’s. (Oh ya…here come the experts!) A sincere deep red, 1-2 lb., delicious deep red-skinned, meaty beefsteak. Grown on intermediate vines and a heavy, long season producer. 80 days
  9. Brandywine Pink – this variety is legendary for its exceptionally rich, succulent flavor. Large, slightly ribbed, pink/rose fruits have creamy smooth flesh and grow to 1 ½ lbs. Vines grow tall, so they require support. Known for their distinctive potato-leaf foliage. An Amish heirloom since 1885. Blight resistant. Ind. 80 days
  10. Brandywine Red – first introduced by Amish farmers in Chester County, Pennsylvania in 1885. Fruits are gently ribbed, JUICY, deep red beefsteaks growing from 8oz to 1lb.. Excellent fruity taste with a smooth, sweet texture. Original strain from H.S. Blight resistant. Vines grow tall. Potato leaf. Ind. 80 days
  11. Brandywine (Sudduth’s Strain) – Supposed to be the original “Pink Brandywine“! (now everyone is jumping in on it…) Obtained by Ben Quisenberry from Dorris Sudduth Hill, whose family had been growing it for 80 years. Those who have trialed many versions claim this one to surpass them all with its superb fruity, complex sweet-acidic taste and smoothness. Its fruits are huge, making the name indeed famous. Ind. 85 days
  12. Brown’s Large Red – Fruits are thin-skinned, great tasting and will get up to 1.5 lbs…some reaching 5” across. Vines are long and rampant. Could use trellising! Prior to fully ripe, use as fried green tomatoes – yum! Ind. 85-90 days
  13. Buffalo Steak – A surprise offering from great gardeners (Mr. & Mrs. Gunning) from Stead, Manitoba area this summer. While attending a garage sale by them (and BTW their corn was fantastic!) they gave us a tour of their beautiful yard and while this was going on, I spied some huge tomatoes they were growing in their garden. We agreed to swap later that summer, which they did! AND I mean these tomato fruits were huge! Almost ALL over 2 lbs.! I will attempt to collect more history on this strange named variety shortly…    Pkt…$3.00
  14. Burpee’s Supersteak – Introduced in 1980 (!) as a modern version of our old-fashioned beefsteak. Apparently it is improved! Fruits have more acidic flavor, the outer skin is smoother AND they are lees prone to “catfacing”. The “inner core” is also smaller with a definite tiny blossom end scar. In 2008 produced a ton of them…all rose/red and huge…1-2 lbs. 85 days  
  15. Bush Goliath (Red) – I cannot understand how I missed this one?! Been in my possession for years, neglecting to list it here. A true “tree” tomato growing to 35″ on a thick central single stem. with few, if any shoots. Fruits are quite large, deep scarlet, semi-oval, with fantastic taste and lots of juice. Plant will have several clusters (?6), each bearing 4-6 large fruits in each cluster. AND the plant needs no staking. A joy to grow and watch. Have been told, it is a de-hybridized version of “Bush Goliath-hyb.” Determinate 80 days
  16. Canner Howle – (aka Kanner Hoell) Large flattened, smooth red globes with great acidic flavor and an even greater yield! Very dependable and productive. Ind. 85 days   Pkt…$3.00
  17. Caspian Pink – a heirloom discovered in Russia by a Petoseed Company employee shortly after the cold war ended. A beautiful large pink, flat (oblate) fruit that originated in Southern Russia along the Caspian Sea coast. Some say that in taste-trials….it is a tongue wager! Stocky plants produce 1 lb beefsteaks in prolific abundance. Best known early Russian variety making it ideal for cooler climates. (My dad’s favorite….) Ind. 75 days
  18. Clustermato – a selection made by Gleckler’s Seedsmen prior to 1954. Based on this one’s performance in ’09, I have placed it here. I was quite blown away with it. For a pint-sized 2 1/2 ft. plant, its production was the best for its type and there were no others in its category! It lived up to its name! How about huge deep red, smooth round fruits averaging 3-4 in a cluster, with no less than 3, each one coming in at 1 lb or more! Flavor was very strong…sweet to salty combo. Juicy, juicy! Skin was thicker than most and peeled easy without blanching! Disease did not bother it. Could make a great storage tomato, if production takes it till season’s end. Its production was short of spectacular AND it starts early! Determinate 70-75 days   Pkt…$3.00
  19. Costoluto Genovese – obtained from the Italian Riviera. A unique heirloom specialty for Italian cuisine. Large fruits are very deeply ridged (its trademark!), giving this beefsteak a beautiful scalloped appearance when sliced across the fruit. Fruits are set in clusters. Absolutely delicious! In one trail many years ago, when I allowed it to just lay down and “do its thing”…I was shocked at its production! I had these gorgeous red “bombs” everywhere, for 9 feet in diameter! Does well in hot weather and will also continue to produce in cool weather. Vigorous vines! Ind. 78 days
  20. Crimson Cushion “Henderson’s”– (aka Red Ponderosa) said to be introduced by Peter Henderson in 1892. Flesh is thick and of great taste & texture quality. Fruits are huge, flattish, skin deep red and flesh is rich and meaty. This is the grandparent of the now famous “Beefsteaks”. Reg. leaf. Ind. 85 days
  21. Crnkovic Yugoslavian – brought into the US by Yaska Crnkovic of the Yojvod region, a colleague of SSE member Carolyn Male. A large round and smooth (1 lb’r) pink beefsteak. Fruits are meaty with super sweet flavor and outstanding juice. Almost never cracks. A great canner. Shorter plants bear prolifically. Ind. 80 days    Pkt…$3.00
  22. Cuostralee – originally from Mr. Norbert Parreirra of Hellimer, France. Large beefsteaks with gently ribbed shoulders. Heavy set of 2 lb. fruits that are oval, red and 5″ across! Flavor is great and flesh texture is meaty and smooth. Plants produce huge vines. Yields well in all climates. Ind. 82 days
  23. Delicious – (Maybe be returning…) This is the variety that holds the world record for the largest tomato ever grown! In 1986 (2001?) it set the record with a giant 7 lb 12 oz fruit grown by Gordon Graham! This tomato was developed many years ago by Burpee’s from the “Beefsteak”tomato, after 13 years of work! Huge deep red fruits that are smooth, nearly solid and commonly weighs more than 3 lbs. Excellent flavor with a tiny seed cavity and very little cracking. Ind. 77 days
  24. Druzba – a Bulgarian heirloom meaning “Friendship” obtained from Norbert Parreirra of Hellimer, France. Expect large harvests of smooth, round, juicy rose red fruits with gold shoulders growing to 4” across and weighing in at 8oz – 1 lb. Outstanding complex flavor….sweet and acidic. Resistant naturally to most diseases. Husky plants. Ind. 80-85 days
  25. Dufresne #2 – developed by a Quebec plant breeder. Beautiful pink fruits of 3”-4” in diameter. Tender skin with excellent taste. Plants spread to a full 5 and 6 feet wide or tall! Ind. 80-90 days
  26. Dutchman (The) – practically extinct until introduced by Gleckner seeds-men in 1958. (intro. by Merlin W. Gleckler…..first rare seed dealer!) Very similar to Giant Belgium. A large (up to 3 lbs…), flattish, purplish-pink, solid, meaty and very sweet fruit! Ind. 85 days       Pkt…$3.00
  27. German Giant – this family heirloom combines an abundance of deep oblate pink fruits that are huge and delicious. Plants carry the “potato-leaf” gene. This Brandywine type produces more than, larger than and earlier than any Brandywine (its producer says…..) Smooth 2 lbs.! Ind. 77 days     Pkt…$3.00
  28. German Giant Tree – (aka German Tree) Unknown history. Fruits are large red beefsteak with rose/pink flesh. 12-20 seed cavities contain sweet, tart, yellow/orange gel. Slices are not too juicy and flesh is lightly mealy, with a sweet succulent flavor. What is unique is that the plant is indeed very robust, developing a thick “trunk”, truly like a “tree” tomato.
  29. German Johnson – an old heirloom from North Carolina & Virginia. Tall plants offer a harvest of large, deep pink, slightly ribbed, very flavorful and crack-resistant fruits. 1 lb fruits are meaty with few seeds and surfaces are very smooth. These superb quality fruits are great for farmers’ markets or home gardens. Regular leaf. G.J. just happens to be one of the 4 parent lines of the famous Radiator Charlie’s Mortgage Lifter! Ind. 80 days    Pkt…$3.00
  30. German Pink (Bill’s) – Well…these have been obtained from William (Bill) Alexander. Another “Tomato-holic” from Winnipeg, Manitoba. He has been bragging about these for some years, so I buckled under and obtained some seeds. Fruits are very large, pink, heavy, flattish and meaty with few seeds. Something like a Roma and beefsteak cross. Have done well for me.
  31. Giant Belgium – Developed in Ohio. One of the very first varieties I grew out over 15 years ago. I remember it impressing me (a greenhorn) even then! Average fruit size is about 2 lbs….but is known for being more around 5 lbs.! Fruits are deep pink with solid meat and few seeds. Smooth blossom ends with a mild sweet delicious flavor. Some folks have made wine from these very sweet tomatoes (…they say) Ind. 90 days     Pkt…$3.00
  32. Goliath Originated just after the 1800’s. Appropriately named, this variety does bear giant fruits. Huge strong plants yield large to huge rose/red fruits with the classic beefsteak shape and flavor. All fruits are solid, ribbed and a sweet/acidic combo, with few seeds. Not unusual for fruits to become a mammoth 3 lbs.! Ind. 85-90 days     Pkt…$3.00
  33. Grandfather AshLock – NOBODY is going to complain they can’t find enough BIG RED TOMATOES this year! Another big flattish beefsteak variety offering nothing but monsters on 3ft plants. Quite meaty I must say and later season too.    Pkt…$3.00
  34. Gregori Altai – from Novosibirsk, Siberia. A Siberian variety that originated in the Altai Mountains on the Chinese border. Heavy producer of rough 8-12 oz pink/red beefsteak tomatoes. The flavor is full and delicious. Harvests keep coming over an incredibly long season. Very early for this size of fruits. Ind. 67 days
  35. Gross de Perthuis – Wow! Shared with me from my tomato crazy woman Tammy! Plants are only 3ft, but huge fruits arrive in cluster and ARE LARGE! More info…later.  Pkt…$3.00
  36. Imposter – my source said it was one she did not want to be without…..and now I agree. A very large scarlet red/orange fruit that just happens to not be able to make up its mind! It is half-way between an oxheart and a beefsteak type. Need to see it to believe it. Very prolific, despite heat and drought. Ind. 85 days
  37. India – oblate 8 – 12 oz red-skinned “flushed” fruits. Plants have above average yields. Fruits offers a rich complex flavor. Plants only 4 ft. Ind. Harvest comes in earlier than most of this size at 65 -70 days  
  38. Ingegndi Gigante Liscio – a historic Italian heirloom. It is said that these can “threaten” to grow to 2 lbs++. Developed in Italy from a cross of Ponderosa and St. Louis. Smooth, red and very sweet with very old-fashioned vibrant “tomato” flavor! Very rare. Ind. 85 days
  39. Jewish Flats M’s – one that showed up from “Jerusalem Oxheart” Now stable…  Pkt…$3.00
  40. Kansas Depression – Purple pink beefsteaks that can reach 2 to 3 lbs. Plants are once again showing potato-leaf form. One of the better varieties that will take heat…hands down. Ind. 90 days   
  41. Magnum Should we say that this one is aptly named? Wonderful flavor found in these large red 2 lb. fruits that are the “perfectness” of beefsteak shapes! A heirloom variety that was grown & distributed by the late Chuck Wyatt ( a tomato man extraordinaire!) Fortunately for you….the more you pick…..the more fruits this one puts out! So! You will never tire of eating these delicious beauties. Ind. 80 days     Pkt…$3.00
  42. Mama Irene’s – Another extraordinary very Large one but bears a few more bumps on its fruits than most.  Pkt…$3.00
  43. Marizol Purple – heirloom variety from the Black Forest region of Germany. Large smooth dark pink fruit have a purple tint and wonderful sweet flavor. Tomatoes range from 8oz to 1 lb. although they may become as large as 2 lbs. for some gardeners. Plants are vigorous and offer generous yields right up till frost. Ind. 80 days
  44. Marizol Red – A Joe Bratka introduction from the Black Forest region of Germany. As the Above but in Deep red… The majority of the fruits stayed a good medium sized (I squeezed too many plants together…) but I’m sure if you fussed a bit the bigger ones would show themselves. Fruits were an intense balance of sweetness to acidic…  Pkt…$3.00
  45. Mexican Beefsteak – Fruits are slightly oblate, modestly large, arriving mid-season. Flesh is deep red and meaty. Determinate plants are prolific.
  46. Mortgage Lifter – (aka Radiator Charlie) developed by M.C. Byles of Logan, W.V.. As the 1940’s legend goes….6 years previous…..this gentleman was having no luck attracting customers to his radiator repair shop because they overheated trying to make it up the steep hill to his farm. Charlie’s luck changed for the better when he started to sell a tomato he developed by crossing forwards & backwards… 4 different varieties. These were so large, sweet and delicious that his plant sales brought in enough money to pay off his mortgage and save his farm from the bank! He produced enough plants selling them at this time for $1.00 (!) each to pay off the $6000.00 mortgage he owed! I trialed these many years ago and loved them! They produce all at once a ton of beautiful smooth pink beefsteaks that taste just as great as they look. An excellent canner. Plants are not overly large and disease & drought resistant. Ind. 80 days
  47. Nepal – seed is originally from the Himalaya Mountains. Large deep red tomatoes weigh about 12oz. and have a high-quality, intense tomato flavor. Plants bear well even in cooler weather and mature earlier than most large fruited types.
  48. Neves Azorean Red – this great variety was developed by Anthony Neves, who brought seeds from the Azores to the Boston (US) area. Once in Boston, he kept up his work of selecting always the largest and healthiest, resulting in a beefsteak of huge proportions….1 to 3 lbs.! The deep red fruits are bursting with pride and flavor. Seed was passed on to Carolyn Male, who later shared them with a US seed company. A definite one for the “bragger” showcase. Ind. 75 days
  49. Nile River Egyptian – this variety said to come from Egypt….shown to be in their history 4000 years ago. Fruits look like ox-hearts, some pointed and some gently pleated. Large 2 lb’ers and very tasty! Plants are vigorous and very productive. A first-class sandwich maker. Ind. 75-80 days  
  50. Novikovs Giant – excellent yield (can get 30 kg from one plant!) from vigorous 4-6 ft. vines. One grower says “med-large beefsteak-type fruits, producing great even on a bad year. Unusual color…dull scarlet with orange/yellow overlay (shading). Juicy with very low acid. Mild” Another report says “pink ribbed fruits are extremely tasty, with few seeds…..ranging in size from 200 g. to 1 kg. (6oz-2lbs) Regular leaf.” Well….try them and see! Ind. 75 days
  51. Old Brooks – Scarlet red/orange fruits that are extremely suitable for canning as they are high in acidity. Large 1 lb. fruits that just happen to be resistant to blossom-end-rot and blight! Vines are long and productive. Ind. Early….70 days     Pkt…$3.00
  52. Omar’s Lebanese – a rare family heirloom from Lebanon. Reached N.A., via a Lebanese college student, who obtained it from a farmer living in the Lebanese Hills. One of the largest tomatoes grown! Gently ribbed, huge pink fruits, as large as 3-4 lbs with green shoulders. These mammoth fruits also have sweetness & flavor. Good yields on disease-tolerant, strong vigorous plants. Ind. 80 days    Pkt…$3.00
  53. Pearson – this one just happened to be one of the most popular of all varieties in California in 1950. It could handle the hot semi-arid climate of the region and so should do well in our hot summers here. It produces tons of large, red, globular, smooth and very solid (perfect for canning….) fruits. Ind. 80-90 days    Pkt…$3.00
  54. Peron Sprayless – from Argentina! Attractive 8-10 oz red fruits are top-notch for tart, acid flavor. Therefore stands to reason…high in Vitamin C. No cracks or green shoulders. Reliable producer in cool weather. Naturally pest & disease resistant…requiring no pesticides for production. Producers do not agree on the ripening dates….some say 68 days…other say late…90 days. Guess will just have to grow this one again! Ind.    Pkt…$3.00
  55. Pink Ponderosa (Henderson’s) – (aka Ponderosa Pink) Introduced by Peter Henderson & Co. in 1891. In their catalog, it said “Quality beyond praise, rich and meaty”. Thick flesh…ideal foe canning. Delicious. Huge size, some over 2 lbs. Rose “beefsteak” type. Ind. 85 days
  56. Polish Polish immigrants brought this variety to Ohio many years ago. Large smooth, flattish pink beefsteaks are also rich & meaty. Large plants are vigorous and productive. Plants will set fruits even in cool weather. Fruits continue to ripen on or off the vine…..with no difference in flavor! (Another history compiler stated this one is compact @ 3 ft.) Ind. 75-85 days   Pkt…$3.00
  57. Prudens Purple – a cross between a brandywine & a beefsteak. Produces modestly large (10-16 oz.) uniform dark pink fruits with excellent flavor. It carries the potato-leaf foliage gene. Performs well in northern climates and in uncertain (cloudy) weather. There is disagreement between the fruiting times for this variety, but most agree on one thing….it is definitely earlier than either parent variety. (How that is possible….I don’t know…) Ind. 67-73 days
  58. Radiator Charlie – Seed savers have numerous listings (variations…) of “Mortgage Lifter“. Some are red, some have name additions, some are smoother, etc…making it quite confusing for beginner gardeners trying to make sense of it all. Because Radiator Charlie was the man responsible for developing the original Mortgage Lifter, I can only hope this to be the original form. Trialed out by me and found to be a deep pink flattened beefsteak of 1 lb+, with very smooth skin. Its fine textured flesh is divinely sweet, succulent and rich. The yields are totally outstanding, ripening all at once. Ind. 80-85 days    Pkt…$3.00
  59. Richardson (The) – came from the Richardson family of Tennessee. An enormous pink beefsteak with equally great flavor. So large and flattish, that one slice could cover an 8” platter! A “bragger” for sure. Good production for such a grand variety. Delicious, sweet, yet rich flavor….combined with old-time fashioned goodness. Ind. 90 days
  60. Rutgers – came out of the New Jersey Ag. Exp. Station in 1934. The fruits are firm, old-fashioned flavored, smooth, globe-shaped with heavy walls perfectly designed for hot summers. It produces medium to large intense red fruits on semi-determinate vines. At one time, the most popular processing tomato in the US was the Rutgers. The strain I am offering (thru PGS) was selected by Ernie Kerr from the Horticultural Exp. Station at Simcoe, Ontario. Determinate some say! 60-100 days
  61. Sandia Gem – seed was found in a leather pouch on the Sandia Mountains (of Peru) in 1985. The pouch carbon-dated from the early 1800’s and three (3) of the seeds germinated! This one is medium to large-sized, red great-flavored fruits that are produced in mid-season. Ind. 75 days 
  62. Sandul Moldovan – Another Big Boy…producer. Fruits appeared quite similar to my Armenian, offering indented/pinched in their centers. Therefore wider and flattish in shape. I forgot to taste these so honestly can’t say… 🙁    Pkt…$3.00
  63. Sicilian Saucer – for a mid-season producer, it is hard to believe that this variety can produce such heavy red tomatoes of 2 lbs. or more…definitely a beefsteak when you see their slightly flattened shape! Does not sprawl! Needs no cage! Fruits are thick (meaty) AND juicy. Determinate 75 days
  64. Sobkowich Slider – New for 2024! I saw the name and just HAD TO HAVE IT! My good friend Ted’s last name is “Sobkowick” and I was intrigued to talk to the gentleman who offered it for some history. Seems it had in fact, been grown in their family for 100’s of years…But not related to my friend! Get Out! Well maybe there is a tie-in SOMEWHERE distantly…with a grandma! Ya! Blame Grandma! And….I just Had TO share a few seeds with him too! Oh…and there is also some confusion as to its shape. Can’t seem to make up its mind IF it is an Oxheart OR a Beefsteak!     Pkt…$3.00
  65. Soldachi – (aka Soldaki) Polish heirloom from Kralow, Poland coming to Cleveland, Ohio in 1900, then on to Albany, NY. Tall potato-leafed vines produce all season long. Fruits are pink, about 16 oz, flattened globes, with low acid, yet intensely sweet flavor. Skin is very rough and thin…susceptible to cracking. Flesh is firm and meaty. Plants produce heavily. Good canner. Ind. 75 days   Limited ’21   Pkt…$3.00
  66. St. Pierre – a beautiful French heirloom. Fruits are a moderate size with full acidic flavor. Deep red fruits are great for canning or fresh eating. Plants are excellent producers….even in bad conditions. Very popular in Europe. Ind. 70 days
  67. St Teresa – more info coming…   Pkt…$3.00
  68. Thessaloniki – Obtained from Greece. Introduced by Glecklers Seedsmen of Meamora, Ohio in 1950’s. Uniform baseball-sized fruits of 3” in diameter are red, smooth, with excellent flavor and juice. Fruits keep well and are resistant to sunburn, spots and cracking. Plants produce above average yields and are disease-resistant. Ind. 68-75 days    Pkt…$3.00
  69. Tiffen Mennonite – heirloom from our Mennonite friends. Fruits are modestly large (6-16oz), pink in color, with outstanding flavor and smooth textured flesh. Similar to “Brandywine“….but some say better. Can handle hot summers and still be a great yielder. Potato-leafed. Ind. 75-85 days
  70. Watermelon Beefsteak – another heirloom from the 1800’s! Once again….huge fruits of 2 lbs. with mild flavor and meatiness. The color of the fruit appears to have a pinkish skin with a look of soft purple inside. Ind. 75 days