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When I go into the garden, I forget everything. It shuts away my “other world” of drama and false fronts. There I find peace, harmony, balance…it asking nothing of me except to participate & heal.

Mandy’s Greenhouse has been SOLD!

The name of the company is called “A’Bunadh Seeds” of Cherhill, Alberta. Congratulations! And Thank You! Please show your support to this fine young company of heritage seed growers, as they will take this huge responsibility from my shoulders…forward. I wish them the greatest success.

Welcome to the 2017 Season

First Some history: Essentially the drive to grow one’s own veggies started (for me) at the tender age of 6…whereby I carved one out a tall patch of grass across the road from my parents garden. (I didn’t want their precious collection of the purslane weed!)

Featured Items

Kale Blue Curled Scotch

Tomato Gezahnte

Lettuce Cracovensis

Tomato Indigo Rose

Broccoli Purple Sprouting

Cabbage Winningstadt


Squash winter Tonda Padana

Bean Tamila

Corn Yukon Supreme

Chufa Nuts

Pepper Hungarian Hot Wax

Herb Chamomile

Carrot Oxheart x Deep Purple

Tomato Persimmon Orange

Cucumber Lemon

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