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“When the people fear the government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.” – Thomas Jefferson

The Early Years
Life in the early years of this century centered around providing food for the family with the limited use of their 2 hands, a spade, hoe, rake, a wheelbarrow and if you were fortunate to own more land, a horse and plow with which to turn the soil over at least twice in the year. In remote areas, the population was not as dense, and many did not have privy to a vehicle or fuel and dependency on what the garden provided was huge. The art of saving seed was automatic (passed down from one family member to another). At least one variety each of many useful vegetables such as dried beans, carrots, beets, corn, peas, parsnips, turnips, dill, cucumbers and potatoes were always on hand. Wild (and some tame) fruits, were grown, harvested and preserved. It was essential to know the rhythm of the seasons and to learn to plant by the phases of the moon. Mankind spent countless hours, studying nature, a lost art in today’s society.
Today's Food Supply Issues
According to world records, predictions say our population will increase approximately by 20% in 2050. Because our food travels from half way around the world, more demands will be made on pleasing the "pampered palette". The disturbing effects of unstable weather patterns worldwide, has placed great pressure on food supplies. Food has become the new "gold", an attractive source of guaranteed wealth for corporate America. The speed to "control" the world’s supply of genetic diverse material (human or seed) has become paramount. Today, a handful (4) of corporations own 58% of all seed. "Imprinted" genetics such as GMO’s and the Terminator gene, threaten our health (due to lack of prolonged studies/or cover-up of) as we become a "faceless expendable pawn" in their mindless drive to attain power at all or any cost. To control "life" is to control the world. Our right to food is a game for them…to play out exactly as how they please, no matter what the consequence.
What Can We Do?
Less than 150 yeas ago, records showed over 100,000 varieties of heritage vegetable, fruit and grain seeds. Today less than ¼ exist. Couple this with contamination of GM genetics, our losses could be even worse. In just a few short years the “giants” of the industry are systematically eroding our right to even possess unregistered heirloom and heritage seeds. Governing seed laws (in Europe and recently N.A.) are being secretly inserted giving power to corporate "giants", equating the rights of everyday farmers and gardeners to the same stringent "testing" rules (of even heritage/heirloom seeds…) that the big “players must abide by. BECAUSE they already have huge funds at their disposal this would force farmers to give up their seed! End result: One could NO LONGER possess seed, as it would be considered BREAKING THE LAW! Furthermore…it would give the "giants" unlimited power and you would be paying THEM royalties to simply “borrow” it. This, by its very essence is considered Tyranny of the worst form! Where would it end? It wouldn’t!

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