Mandy’s GH will remain online for Educational Purposes

Mandy’s Greenhouse will remain online for educational purposes. I am NOT closing this business, as its name and intellectual property belongs to me exclusively. I did sell a large portion of the seed inventory (to a younger company) in hopes of these precious varieties staying in circulation, but it appears that many have not been seen since I relinquished them, which greatly saddens me.


I have always felt close to my heritage/heirloom vegetable collection, that took me over 30 years to assemble for their uniqueness, their endurance, their preservation, which I take very seriously. Many I no longer can find anywhere! I have retained a small portion of these varieties for my personal collection. Each year I find that I’m left with some extra seeds, which I have NO HEART to throw out! Therefore each year for a short couple of months (when work is slow…) I will re-offer limited packets!

It costs money to keep this wonderful website online, so any sales helps cover  these costs. Please know it has taken me immeasurable years ( nights, day, tons of hours of research) to accumulate what I have found. Your support is and will always be appreciated!

Lilaschecke pole bean

Anney’s African Roadside Bean

Carrot Oxheart x Deep Purple

The Ram’s Horn, Pretzel Cow Pea

Landis White

2 Wagons full!

Huge Yellow/Orange Oxheart 1

Portuguese Bull Heart

White Oxheart

Fava Purple

Chocolate Cherry

Big Zebra

A wagon full of Battleford!

A Raised bed with “Kitty Help” Garden

Bean Kuma Anna Grey

What’s this cutie doing in my GH?

Whoops! Getting awful hot in here!

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