How to Order

Some important changes:
I will continue on a Hobby Basis (primarily to preserve special and rare varieties of interest for my personal use). What that means, only a portion of my collection will be offered at any one time.
At the TOP of EVERY page are instructions, that must be followed carefully and are easy to understand, as we are in hobby mode. I will try to update my inventory every October/November.
Make sure to read what is required on the Order Form, be sure to include all necessary info.
Of special note: There is a minimum order requirement of $15.00
I accept E-money transfers (in Canadian funds within Canada) and personal cheques (US or Canadian). No Visa or debit cards!
The website will remain online for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. Please do not use any information from my website without my explicit permission. As how I have time, I will try to provide germination and growing info./tips to each section, to help newcomer & growers with their seeds.

Thank you!
God Bless & May you all have a Successful Growing Season.
Happy Growing!