1st Workshop a success!

Wow! Did I ever have a great time on March 17th at our Seedy Germination workshop in Lac Du Bonnet!
When I arrived early, there were many folk already waiting! I had soooo much help getting my “stuff” inside and setting up as well.
And everyone came that said they would!
Before I began, I asked folks to tell me/us how long they have been gardening. Their years ranged from 8 to 40 years! I was NOT prepared for that and then wondered if I could do this group justice??!!
Away we went, sharing loads of info and then half way, wrapping paper pots and practiced planting in small trays. The hands on took longer than I had anticipated…as I had 29 students! And what a fine mess we made. Well! What do you want? We were playing IN THE DIRT!
Well time flew and I soon realized we/I still had lots to say AND it was after 9!
Then…the test! The whole room groaned when I mentioned this! Everyone got to keep their own papers (to mark) and no one was allowed to fail…as there is no such thing!
Finally my favorite part…I handed out fancy certificates of “Seedy Germination” workshop completion, with bags of seedling soil, a tray with inserts, few seed pkts. and some wee tools of the trade. Just so that no one got wind of this, most was hidden in a room behind me…
The highlight of the evening? I became locked out, when taking some “stuff” outside to my van, as the caretaker of the Center did not tell me, she had locked up the place at 9. Half my stuff, purse and phone were still inside the building!
The saving grace?? A good number of ladies were with me, helping me AND still inside when I knocked on the window from the outside! Can you imagine my shock??!
Did I have an awesome time? You bet I did! And it looked like everyone else did too! I am humbled to say that I received many complements and words of encouragement. Will I do it again next year? You bet your bottom dollar…I will!
Gardening folks are ALL AWESOME!

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