I’ve been in business tentatively, seriously and hobby wise for 33 years, having started in 1988…
As with all things, LIFE has a way of taking over the reins and redirecting it as it sees fit. Sometimes “it” knows me better than I know myself.
Due to circumstances beyond my control, I will no longer be growing out my collection and selling off plants. It’s time to take a rest. By now many of you (through my repeated teachings…🤩) have become successful gardeners who now…no longer need my help. You know who you are…lol!

I have always felt close to my heritage/heirloom vegetable collection, that took me over 30 years to assemble for their uniqueness, their endurance, their preservation, which I take very seriously. Many I no longer can find anywhere! I had retained a small portion of these varieties for my personal collection.

Seed sales will continue for a short while. THE WEBSITE will remain active while the seeds last. Once the seeds are gone, the website will be taken down. The accumulated info there has taken me a lifetime to collect and is very precious not only to me but for its historical value in this information crazy times. Please feel free to download pages (for your reference only but not for business as it will always remain my intellectual property) I too will also download it and print off.

I WILL CONTINUE TO SELL OFF THE LAST OF MY SEEDS (as long as they test over 85% germination).
The only areas offering seed will be tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, peppers and peas. (…I might offer some other odd NOVELTY vegetable seed if available)

REMEMBER! Only those showing a $$$ after it’s description are available. Don’t request any others. I won’t have them. Period.
Order Form has ALWAYS been posted on my Home page. It will answer many other questions.
I’m releasing SOME of my (extra) potato seed as I had a great crop this fall, considering the year. Please make inquiries NOW as my poor store room is over flowing…
Pick up only.
Also it appears I will have good quantities of aged, composted horse manure and I am probably the only agent for Azomite in Manitoba. Once this sells out…it’s gone!
So! My grand story is slowly coming to an end. It’s time to stop being overwhelmed, worrying about all those plants. SO HARD TO LET GO!
But..It’s time to TAKE TIME for me..❤️
However…Let me say one last thing.
It was your energy that keeps me going! My customers, who became my friends. I’m not perfect but I tried my best. And I loved the journey you all took me on. Wouldn’t trade this part of my life for anything! P.S. You are ALL welcome to drop by for a visit. Just make sure I’ll be home. I could be wandering…LoL!
Thank you, Happy Growing! MANDY   ❤️🥰❤️

SEEDY madness

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