Hello Again! To all my customers & friends, past, present and NEW!

My wonderful ANNUAL EXCESS PLANT SALE is coming up fast! As is my tradition, I will be releasing ALL extra Plantlets. It will be super exciting as a whole NEW BATCH of varieties (both tomatoes AND peppers) will be offered and trialed. You will have an opportunity to share with me some terrific rare types and we can share our experiences together. Also BACK are some of the HOTTEST Pepper varieties ever offered (Scorpion, Viper & Caroline Reaper) AND they are ALL Canadian sourced as well!

This might be my LAST PLANT SALE! As its my hope from now on that folks make serious attempts to start saving their own seeds! I really need to redirect my energies into my other love…for ALPINES.

I have posted on Kijiji (Winnipeg), showing some plant photos of the products on offer. Several ads should help give you a decent prospective of what is available IF you are new to our Greenhouse. Older customers…YOU KNOW what to EXPECT! Bring your crates, boxes to help carry your loads, if you must. But plant trays will certainly be available.

Besides all the great tomatoes and peppers, I’m offering: Chufa Nuts, Garden Huckleberry, Lettuce, Amaranth, Ground Cherries, Radicciohio, Spinach, Eggplants and if my sowings co-operate…some herbs, kale, broccoli, etc. PLUS the usual SEED Packets…(…what is left of them!)

I will also have: bagged Composted Aged Horse Manure, Azomite, bagged clean Wheat Straw (for easy applications!) and just a few bags of Earth Worm Castings.

My ANNUAL SALE DATES are: May 19 (Wednesday) till the 25 (Tuesday) from 9-6. Usually I would be offering these babies in early May BUT the weather being the COLD reality it is, I’ve decided to drop it back down (where it was for many years…) to Manitoba’s May long weekend! Hopefully it will finally warm up by then. This should give folks some relaxed time to come down and explore. Present day protocol will have to be followed. If I’m sold out ahead of time, I will close sooner.

Signs to Mandy’s Greenhouse are situated on the intersection of Hwy #44 & Hwy #12, one mile east of the town of TYNDALL, Manitoba. From that intersection, ONE MILE NORTH ONLY on gravel, then turn right go EAST 1/2 mile ONLY. Sign into my driveway is to your left…only driveway at that point. IF you drive slow enough and keep your eyes wide open…you can’t miss…Lol!

Should you have any questions, please refer to my email ahead of time.

Please understand that I will be quite busy… It will be more fun to simply drop by and see what I have…

Thank you and Happy Growing,


2 Wagons full!


Tomato Florida Petite

Kale varieties this summer

These monsters were the original volunteers from the driveway…

Yukon Supreme

Aroma Peru

Whoops! Getting awful hot in here!

Bean Kuma Anna Grey

Azomite 44 lb. bag

Emerald Evergreen

Chufa Nuts

Argenteum Pea

Purple Ichiban M’s

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