April, April….It does what it wants!

There is a German saying my Oma used to say every year about this time, when she would see strange bizarre weather going from heavy snow, to very warm spells, to rain and back to a hot spring day! Well truth be told, after this winter’s snow dump, I’ve been really worried ( and should I still be, because these days anything can happen in a few minutes!…) Thinking we are going to have the flood of the century…AGAIN!

Well, so far so good. Yes we had a lot of snow (and it rankles me to see other gardening friends, planting and sowing and potting up…) But the weather has been fair and peaceful! And! slowly melting… And I think its safe to say, time to move into my wee Green House with my meager transplants. As I’ve stated, no “EXTRA PLANTLET OFFERINGS” this year ’22…just sowing enough for myself. Dam! That’s REALLY hard to do! Its like the “kids” moving away from home and now you are forced to cook to 2 and not 5! It’s just doesn’t FEEL right!

On a lighter note, the SEED Orders have been coming in fast and heavy. Thank you one and all! Keep them coming! There still lots… I still have a bunch of potato tubers to be spoken for. And yes I do email transfers. AND lets Never forget the most important ingredient! AZOMITE for all those mineral needs that have done so well by me…

By now, many have sown their Pepper seeds and Tomatoes were right behind. Its safe to sow Ground Cherries, Chufa, and soon the likes of Kale, Cabbage, Chard, Broccoli and Cauliflower should go in..  Then the Herbs etc… You know it…right?

I’ve turned a serious corner and dabbling more in my Alpine Plant collection. Time to make use of all those seeds I’ve acquired. Yes, I’ve not posted photos, just because. But they are coming up like fleas! And transplanting is on its way….

Can hardly wait for that huge pile of snow that blew into the garden (about 4 ft of it!) to leave. I’ve a ton of new Beans to try and some Pea crosses to experiment on! I’m also looking forward to the newly transplanted Lilies. AND adding more to my Hosta and Rose collection that is bordering around it…

Till next we meet,

Happy Growing, Mandy

Corn, Beets and more Beans

Let it begin!

Can hardly wait to plant!

Potatoes coming out of our ears!

Tomatoes this summer

Kale varieties this summer

Some plants up close…

The herbs are fighting with the Job’s Tears AND the Ground Cherry behind too!

Oh ya! Heather’s Uncle’s Spinach…as promised almost 6 ft tall!

Is this supposed to be Tom Thumb corn?

Some Peas are finishing and look at the Beans!

Another set or rows…

Another conventional grown potato patch with #3 lot of tomato plants in the back.

Tomatoes this summer

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