Busy, busy, busy!

My small GH is always busy stock full either of seedlings growing or seeds drying. It never gets a break. I’m am now, in the final stages of “dragging” the last of my seed inventory INTO the house. Not always a good thing either… Could become quite dangerous!

It has (again) started to take up a lot of space inside…even that now the tomatoes have “left”… Our basement table looks ‘stuffed”, holding many packets of beans, trays of drying beet and carrot seeds and around its base, containers of various corn. Thank goodness I shelled and sorted the drying hills of peas out in the garden months ago!

After this weekend, I will be spending a lot of time in my “seed cave” (basement room)…counting, weighing, recording and testing seed varieties. Will I have everything done by the end of the month? Here’s hoping!

I will let everyone know, when ALL is in its place and ready for ordering.

Happy gardening,




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