Christmas message 2015

Dear Gardening Friends,

Our growing summer turned out to be a great success, with vegetables growing more than we gave them room for! Good thing some could tolerate being crowded, but others truly went on strike by simply…disappearing! They just had it!
Tried quite a few new beans. What wonderful colors we find in this family. Some proved their worth by producing a mega crop on huge vines or in super packed huge pods. Continually am amazed by all the interesting varieties that still rock our genetic world.
Peas proved very interesting. Very diverse family ranging from 18, all that way to 7 feet. Flowers ranging from salmon pink to azure blue and purple/pink. Some foliage was fine & lacy or slender & spotted with faint white splashing. Seeds variations…astounding.
Varieties of purple cabbage, kale, yellow chard, juicy crops of tomatoes, large potatoes, slicing cucumbers and white corn also intrigued us.
Our year ended with one of the mildest long falls we’ve not seen for a couple of years. It gave us more time to “finish” things in our yard and garden. Sometimes, it also gives us a sense that we don’t need to rush and may just catch us un-aware anyways!
With just days away from our final season of the year, the “lion” arrived, blowing and dumping over 8” in less than a day. It caught many off guard. This was not the time to push the speed limits and endanger other people’s lives!
Hopefully all is done and what isn’t…well it will just have to wait! There is always next year and that will come soon enough. Winter gives us “northerners” time to plan the next season’s bounty. Here’s hoping it is ambitious enough to fill the freezer and cool room jars, but not too much that it overwhelms, before it begins!
We will be shipping come January. Hoping for your continued support!
May 2016, offer you all great health, happiness and hoping for continued prosperity into the New Year.

 Please note that any seed orders received after December 15th will be filled after the first week of January, 2016. We/I have taken some time off to enjoy the holiday season with our family and any new orders will have to wait until 2016. Please feel free to continue browsing this website as there are just TOO MANY GREAT VARIETIES! And some “old friends” have returned, too….Season's Greetings!



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