Coming out to the Highway!

Well folks…looks like I/we can finally get ALL the plants and seeds into the garden. So much work crammed into such a short period of time…like hell on wheels!
IF all goes well (and my garden is done…) I’ll be bringing the last of my veggie plants (no seeds) out to the highway…the usual place…one mile East of the town of Tyndall..intersection of #44 and #12 on ? Friday (May 29th) and Saturday (May 30th) (10 to ?6) Hopefully the weather people keep their promise, that these will be “COOL” days…
From now on, please call ahead 204-268-3984 to see when I am around for the rest of the week. Also what are your wishes for plant needs, in case I am sold out of that particular item.

Tomato Long Tom
FYI I do not have any more Ground Cherries, Mustard greens or Oxheart tomatoes. As for the rest, they too are in limited quantities. Don’t forget to try my NEW Black Peanuts!
Happy Gardening,


Tomato Cream Sausage


Tomato Chili Verde

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