Hi Everyone!

Just a wee announcement…regarding the fact I have a few extra heritage tomato and peppers plants available for sale, who hadn’t the time this year to start their own! Along with these I will also have a few bags of multiplier onions and sweet potato slips.

This is the perfect time to also pick up a bunch of pretty alpines…as so many are blooming so that you can see their showy selfs.

Along with this, I will be offering a special on 44 lb. bags of Azomite minerals, for anyone buying more than $25 worth of plant products! I still have Sea Magic, 75 lb bags of well aged horse manure and earthworm castings in 10 lb bags…ready for application.

This is all happening this Victoria Long weekend from May 20th till May 22nd…(9-6) each day….at out Greenhouse. Call (204-268-3984) for directions if you are new to the place, as it is out in the country. Come on down for a nice drive and visit with us…

Tomato Black Oxheart 1


Along the kitchen wall. More tomatoes!


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