Heirloom Harvest 2014

Well 2014 proved to be a very challenging growing year. Despite this I still managed to take off seed from some real interesting varieties. I will offer regular packets. Please bear in mind that some will be limited and some will have lots. Prices will be as indicated in my original sections…where these are all recorded. Updates are almost complete…

Bean Neckar Konigin

Bean Neckar Konigin

First some Beans: Big Red Kidney, Blue Jay, Cannellini White (Lg) Pole, Dedo’s Day/Night variant, Flagg Pole, Kahl, Kuma Anna’s Grey Pole, Mrocumiere, Neckar Konigin Pole (lots), Sadie’s Horse Bean (6 colors) and Ukrainian Commrades.

Bean Kuma Anna Grey

Bean Kuma Anna Grey

Beets are still in the garden, but from what I can see…Albino Bull’s Blood and Giant Yellow Eckendorf performed great. Gold Tankard germ. only a few roots. It is my 3rd. attempt at preserving the latter…hopefully neither poor fridges nor icy cold winters will deter me this time. Finger crossed…and knees too!

Had some awesome growing out results in the Carrot category. Oxheart, White Belgium, Yellow Solar and my personal favorite…Oxheart/Purple Haze cross! yes! My seed remained true! I will post some photos, so that you can see my results. The latter were huge…many reaching close to 1 lb. each! Here’s hoping the weather next year will be great, so that I can offer more seed for these.

Carrot Yellow Solar

Carrot Yellow Solar

Carrot Oxheart x Purple Haze

Carrot Oxheart x Purple Haze

Corn: Planted only 2 varieties as was afraid of cross pollination. The winds were wicked this year! Yukon Supreme and a very old variety (by request) Seneca Chief! I do believe the latter is a hybrid, but if it is as great as this gardener says it is, it maybe worth growing out and develop a program for selection and saving.

Tomato Mandy's Mystery Ruffle

New! Tomato M’s Orange Ruffled

Cucumber: Soooo unpredictable this year. It was a 50-50 chance on getting even a few fruits. Guess just wasn’t my year with these this time. Northern Pickling, Russian Pickling and Ernest’s White.

Tomato Velvet Yellow

Tomato Velvet Yellow

Fava: Purple Fava

Ground Cherry: Aunt Molly’s

Leafy Greens: Amaranth Hopi Purple This one regularly comes up all by itself once I planted a few plants 3 years ago…so now I will have it for ever…L0L!

Lettuce: Will let you know later what I can offer, once seed has dried.

Novelty Plants: Chufa Nuts

Potatoes: These really surprised me as to how well they produced despite the poor growing conditions. Varieties that I will have some to spare…All Red, French Fingerlings, German Butterball, Lindzer Deleketess, Peanut Fingerlings and Peruvian Purple. In the spring I will bring in some Purple Viking potato seed (can’t live with out these…) Seems…last fall/winter “someone” in my house went to town on these , therefore I had almost none to plant! Let me know if you would be interested in ordering in with me. Will not mail these…personal pickup only.

Parsnip: Kral (lots)

Peas: Mummy White and Victorian Purple Podded (both limited)

Sweet Potato: Wow! Finally I think I got it right. When planting these out into the garden, make sure to remove any “peat moss like” potting soil completely from the fine roots and NEVER let these be thirsty. Also plant in rich, rich deep soil that is very crumbly and loose….tons of it. Also make sure they have an area greater than 6 feet in diameter to grow into. I am sure, had the rains (and cooler weather) not overwhelmed them, we would have had an even larger crop. Will enclose some photos to show.

Tomato Turk's Muts

Tomato Turk’s Muts

Tomatoes: Bull Heart Russian, Pusa Ruby, Red Calabash, Oaxacan Jewel (huge fruits!), Cream Sausage, Bush Goliath, Canner Howle, Climbing-L-Trip-Crop, Black Icicle, Halm’s Gelbe (loaded!), Jersey Devil, Kibit’s Ukrainian (heavy and early!), Long Tom, Orange Ruffled, Pusa Ruby, Calabacito Rojo, Sun Gold, Totem (…super loaded with larger than normal fruits) Red Robin (heavy…), Black Cherry, Turk’s Muts, Velvet Yellow (exclusive only to this GH…) and Zieglers Fleisch. The latter is supposed to be for pot growing and grow it did! I just happen to place them in the garden instead! Less than 2 feet tall and production was outstanding…with numerous trusses bearing no less than 3 and up to 7 fruits per. Average was 5. Fruit size was also huge from (minimum) 5 oz to 10oz. Haven’t eaten any yet…as it was the last to finish! Nice!

Tomato Sungold OP

Tomato Sun Gold

All the varieties listed above, will be offered. Plus a few more…

Happy Growing and talk to you soon.


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