Hello 2018! And what am I up to????

Hello to all my great gardening friends!

2017 has been quite the upheaval in my life and it seriously has kicked me in the arse! It has forced me to finally learn (and show) how to slow down! That’s a hip operation for you! Never would have thought it could happen to me…no! Not me!

Anyway…I’m not one to feel sorry…for me. So as usual, I’m up to my old tricks… Even if it is only on a very small scale, just to stay in the “thick” of my usual mischief! Despite my personal short-comings, my garden had other thoughts. (Yes I still planted one…darn it) Not dead yet! And boy did it reward me!

As a result, I have some inventory to release. A great thing to warm up to the “fuzzies” of spring and get one out of the winter cold! I am presently updating my meager inventory based on this past summer’s harvest and adding what ever else might be too much for me to hang onto. Here is an excellent opportunity to enhance your young collection and discover some new varieties you might not normally think to try! By today’s (Sunday) end, I will have updated: beans, beets, carrots, corn, cucumbers, basil, kale, leafy greens and some other minor herbs.

For anyone looking for some serious deals…I will be offering a “Surprise Assembly” of seed packets for $30.00 plus $5.00 shipping (for Canadian customers. American customers, please add $2.00 more) Each offering may contain up to 15 packets all designed for small gardens…MY CHOICE. Each packet…will come from a different vegetable group! All will be my usual heritage quality and originate from my personal stash!

Best way to purchase by email money transfers or contact me personally of your intentions if sending a cheque. Always let me know your current mailing address.

To see what offerings I might place in your parcel…kindly refer to this website. To see photos, go to the link under “Mandy’s Mudroon Blog” is a link entitled, Photo Album. It might take some time to load, as it is quite big. BTW…below is a “first time photo sharing of (some) the Cucumber seed 0ffered!” Exciting stuff…

Surprise! Surprise!

Happy Growing,







Double Yield

Dragon Egg

Early Russian

Early Russian Green

Ephraim Hall

Homemade Pickle

Improved Long Green

Japanese Long

Landis White



Market More

Mid East Prolific

Morden Early


National Pickling

Northern Pickling


Poona Kheera

Sayo Long


White Wonder

Yamato Long

Yellow Submarine

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