Hurrah! Inventory is loaded and ready for your garden!

Actually it didn’t take me as long as I thought it might.

It was kind of fun…getting dusty and sneezing when cleaning the seeds! This summer offered a bumper crop of many things. Actually all in all, it was quite a decent year…maybe almost too good. Plants climbed and crawled everywhere, even up both of my apple trees. Found 2 squash up there…oh no!

As always, it is my “quiet time” when doing inventory records. If only I could put a sign up stairs…”WORKING! Do not disturb!” Nothing more annoying than hubby always needing something brought to him because he is too ??? to take off his boots!

So (tentatively) seed is ready for distribution and ready to find great homes (in your gardens).

Quite a few “oldies” have returned. In some sections some NEW VARIETIES have crept in. These were trials-outs and could be limited, so order early if you feel these would be a great addition in your garden. Remember there is a minimum of $10.00 this year and you should have NO PROBLEM finding an interesting selection here.

Always a lot happening around Christmas and straight into the New Year, but come early January I will be ready to ship, full time!

Happy Growing,



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