Come out and say HELLO!

Oh wow! This wonderfully crisp COOL weather doesn’t do much for simulating our need to plant seeds BUT we must go forward and PLAN anyway!

“It is time once again to plan our winter gathering of prairie gardeners in honor of seeds and biodiversity. Our Seedy Saturday brings together gardeners, farmers, seed growers, seed savers, native plant enthusiasts, conservation groups and horticultural societies. ANYONE ready to DREAM about spring in the company of friends…for a day of great connections and new ideas.”

Have been contacted to join these great folks (once again!) for another successful SEEDY SATURDAY!

Am real excited as it falls on a Lucky day for me and I esp. like Friday the 13th too.

Winnipeg’s Seedy Saturday

February 13th, 2016

10 am till 3 pm.

Canadian Mennonite University NORTH CAMPUS! ( The Castle!)

500 Shaftesbury Blvd & Grant, North West Corner

Winnipeg, Manitoba


AND I have been asked to join another great group of people in BRANDON, once again!


April 9th, 2016

Time…will announce soon.

Victorian Gardens @ the Daly House Museum
#122 – 18th Street
Brandon, Manitoba


See you all there!

Happy growing,


Let it begin!

Let it ALL begin!

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