Import and Exports…re USA

Dear American friends and Gardeners,

In all honesty I never thought I’d ever have to be writing this. It appears that those who think they are holier than us, the “greedy, selfish, disconnected” are ramming their injustices down our throat. I never thought humble little seed businesses and gardeners would be a huge threat to them. But I guess I’m wrong. I’ve come to discovered HUGE CHANGES in OUR/YOUR postal system. Also a few of my local Canadian and American gardening friends have shared some disturbing trends.

A few American gardeners and seed collectors have, just this year, had their parcels confiscated and destroyed on them. (I’ve known for years…Hawaii and Alaska won’t allow seeds in without inspection permits!) Despite the USDA saying gardening seeds are not a threat! One in particular has gone to great lengths to obtain a “Small Lots Permit” (which he had to pay for…) to be able to receive seed from Europe and Canada. You cannot imagine all the paper work that goes along with that and in this day and age, the delays are HUGE! And STILL some of his parcels are being destroyed!

Just recently another of my friends shared this with me!

(Quote…)  “I think right now in the US, they are not allowing any seed from Canada in at all, and especially not tomato or pepper seeds.  You can’t even get a “Small Lots Permit” for those seeds.  There is some new disease on the horizon right now called ToBRVF, and they seem to be structuring things differently because of it (so they say).  Ironically, this disease which is currently making it illegal to get tomato & pepper seeds (or any seeds)  across the border, is really bad, but totally created by commercial agricultural practices.  (AND who caused this???) This thing is coming from the mega nightshade producing greenhouses!  And it is in some of the tomatoes we buy at the grocery store!  Strangely, they are not worried about bringing those in or anyone planting seeds from store bought tomatoes – only home gardeners trading seeds over borders.  In Australia right now though, if you work in tomato agriculture you are not allowed tomatoes in your lunchbox at work.  It’s kinda nuts.” (UNQUOTE…)

(UPDATE !…Quote) “There is one thing I didn’t include in that paragraph though, I checked the USDA site last night, and while I’m basically not wrong, they will technically allow tomato and pepper seeds in if  YOU! provide a ‘Phytosanitary’ certificate for them.  But who can do that?  What all would that entail?  Surely the average gardener like me is not going to go through all the bureaucratic and possibly costly steps to do that.  The fact that they are allowing these fresh tomatoes across the border with this Disease AND at least possibly, contaminated seeds  knowing there are people who plant seeds from those is so unethical.  Apparently this disease will not leave the soil for at least ten years, if it’s true.  One can only wonder.  

What has happened in the last 2 years (or 3 ?…I’ve lost count) in this country has been the death of freedom and liberty under the disguise of ‘caring about us’.  Evil is very clever.  Can we turn it around?  I hope so.  I know this sounds so hokey Mandy, but somewhere along the line as a culture we turned away from God and turned toward the government as our saviour.  So many have blind faith in the government, the media.  Why on earth would people think that governments are incorruptible, or media for that matter!  History has shown us what is possible. (…UNQUOTE)


My thoughts? Is this disease real? Maybe. Did you and I create it ? No! I grow all my stuff outside, with Nature’s blessings, challenges and control. And in doing so, each variety is exposed and becomes immune and stronger, as only the fittest survive, just like people do! As has been done for 1000’s of years!

In an artificial enclosed MEGA building…Control is a must! As very quickly diseases of ALL kinds can get out of control and if their workers are inexperienced? And you all know that with ALL the chemical controls how ALL of that will sooner or later destroy itself. Why? Because diseases know how to mutate and get around these chemicals. However they need an escape goat! Despite THEIR failures…they must stay in the gravy, by destroying us…

From what I can see so far, I have some serious thinking to do. Friends…Send me your thoughts. You know where to find me…

Kind regards,



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