New ordering updates…

To help streamline, simplify and reduce packing time, I felt it necessary to make some changes. Seeing as it costs everyone (in shipping costs) the same to order one packet as it does for 4 and same packaging is used, I felt it necessary to implement a minimum requirement.

Effective as of November 1st, 2015 our minimum ordering amount will be $10.00. I live out in the country and need to drive a fair distance to mail orders. It also does not take anymore time to assemble and pack up 4 as it does one. I think for anyone looking through our extensive collection you will find a lot to choose from and should not be hard pressed to find 4 wonderful vegetable varieties to assemble. I have also not increased cost per packet for the last 3 years (in some areas…reduced!) and continue to offer fair amounts of seed.

As in other years, only seed will be offered and mailed out. Canadian customers can use email money transfers. (US customers cannot use this feature, as our banks do not cross borders…) Bags of Azomite, potato tubers and onion bulbs will only offered at the Greenhouse for personal pickup. US customers must pay at par. I have gone into more explanation in our HOW TO ORDER, on our HOME page. My packet costs have not increased much over the years. Shipping rates (…thanks to Canada Post) have increased considerably last year.

And finally, to all our New Customers, we have never offered a catalogue. In one attempt (2009) placing (1700 varieties) in a 8 1/2″ x 11″ format, for a small collector/distributor came to 125 pages. Costs were estimated to be over $20 each and if people threw them away (after tearing down more trees…) that is a UN-wise decision. If new material is found, this needs to be added, as I find it. Secondly inventory changes too, week to week, which the catalogue cannot adjust. And printing one every year makes no sense. I would much rather put my time & energy into growing out and researching more seed. IF you are able to contact with me by email, then you should be able to go on the internet and look at my website too.

If you run into problems accessing my website, feel free to contact me, via my email and hopefully I can help you out.


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