Spring 2020 plant sales and seeds…

Good morning gardening friends,

I really don’t need to say, that’s its been a trying spring in a  multitude of ways! Time to rethink and reevaluate what is really important!

Last year this “old experienced gardener” got caught…placing her tomato babies out too soon. Along came, what appeared a stable long warm spring. So out the babies went! Suddenly all hell broke loose! And the temps dropped to freezing…not for a day, but a whole week plus! What was I to do?? I brought out every covering I had, doubling in many cases! It was worse than I thought…-5C! Strange as it seemed, mostly the “Blacks” got burned! The rest appeared to pull through, but they truly never fully recovered! The crop was paltry, turning out only 30% of my usual volume. I will NEVER trust their predictions or time of year ever again! I don’t care if its JUNE! But the soil AND temps have to be boiling BEFORE I do THAT again!

I also will NEVER forget (as may some of my customers…) SNOW on the 10th of May, years ago, right after I posted that I was having plant sales that week! And still they came! Too late to tell them to STOP! Please come back on a warm day! Please customers…when its in the minus temperatures, don’t expect the plants to survive outside transferring! Call ahead!

Each year I grow out portions of my personal collection and THIS YEAR, I found myself with WAY too many, as germination for 5-8 year old seed went crazy! Because this spring has been unseasonably COLD, I’m placing my EXTRA PLANT SALE …..BACK DOWN to where I used to have it, on the May Long Victoria Weekend! I will remain open for the whole week starting from the 16th of May (Saturday) till May 21st (Thursday) from 9am to 6pm. I will not post a list of varieties, as I never have and its on a first come, first served basis. I will try to have photos of some varieties AND I will have NO problem telling you what any one of them will look like or grow like, as I have personally grown them all out! YES, I am LOCAL and VERY PROUD of it! I am only a small operation but will offer lots of variety, but in limited amounts, so get here early. I WILL be offering my EXTRA STARTERS of Heritage/Heirloom Tomato varieties, Peppers, Ichiban (M’s) Eggplants, Chufa nuts, Peanuts, Broccoli, Kale, Cauliflower, ?Basil, etc…  I will also have seeds of Cucumbers, Beans, Peas and Lettuce, etc.

Know also, based on what I’m seeing, I might sell out before the final dates as I have no control over this. So…when its gone, its gone. I will have no more.

AND, I will be posting the USUAL rigamarole about SOCIAL DISTANCING. I expect folks (by now) to know and to honor the rules. Sorry but I have NO CHOICE!

Happy Growing!

We’ll see you soon!


Northern Pickling

Ephraim Hall


Indigo Rose

Tomato Persimmon Orange

Chocolate Cherry

Purple Serrano

The ‘real’ deal!

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