Thank you folks in Brandon!

SO…I woke up early this morning (5:30) getting ready to take off…and see this flaming red sky to the East…gulp!
Red sky at night, sailors’ delight
Red sky in the morning, sailors’ be warning.

OK! I says…its going to be a great day!
Soon as I finished loading, and got “purdied up” and ready to leave, a gorgeous BIG sun was pushing through the (window blind) clouds…smiling back at me!
Had the perfect drive into Brandon, with 15 mins. to spar.

When I arrived, the Hall was alive with busy bee workers everywhere! Love coming to that place…
Had an awesome day…tons of people came in from everywhere!
Saw some ‘old’ friends and met a few ‘new’ ones..(you know who you are…)

The folks that sallied up to listen to my very (informal) pres. on seed starting (yaa…we all got to sit down…) looked like they had a blast, as did I, putting up with all my (side thoughts as well…)
The event went well past 4pm, which means the folks had a great time.
AND had an easy drive home, amid some stiff southerly winds!
Arrived home by 7:40.

BTW…thanks to Milena for recommending Coffee Culture! Awesome place!
Just want to say thank you ALL for putting up with me, for coming and participating in Brandon’s 2nd successful Seedy Saturday.
Great job!…(Blake H. and friends!)

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