The Excess Plant List for 2015…has arrived!

Welcome (once again…) to my madness…like planting too much!

One is never quite sure how much will eventually germinate and the last thing one wants of any variety, is to not have enough for proper pollination and a stronger gene pool. Therefore, I have a few extras! (…and besides a good way to determine germination rates too…)

Please note…these are in very limited quantities. In the area of tomatoes, these will range from 1 to maybe 8, as well as peppers. In other plant areas, this maybe be even less.When making your decisions, don’t forget there are others out there that might like the same kind as you do, so limit yourself, so that everyone can enjoy the selections and varieties.

I do not plan on updating or listing quantities, so it will be up to you to contact me for what is available. Keep an open mind and be prepared to experiment with new material. That’s half the fun!

Printable version: GH Excess Plant List for 2015

All Eggplants…$2.50:
Aswad, Apple Green, Chinese White Sword, Cookstown Orange, Rosa Bianca & Ichiban Purple

All tomato plants will be $2.50 each
Tomatoes Yellow:
Blondkopchen, Cuban Yellow Grape, Ildi, Little Yellow Pot, Morden Yellow, Tumbling Tom Yellow, Yellow Currant, Yellow Fargo Pear, Yellow Giant Belgium, Yellow Grape, Yellow Oxheart & Yellow Stuffer
Tomatoes White:
Ivory Egg, Ivory Pear, White beauty, White Oxheart, White Queen, White Tomesol & White Zebra
Tomatoes Roma:
Ardwyna, Chinese Red, Franchi Giant Red, Italian Red Pear, Jersey Giant, Kalman’s Hungarian Pink, Memorial Polish Paste, Polish Linguisa, sausage, Window Box Roma, Red Pear Piriform, Roma, San Marzano Gigante, Ukrainian Red & Wuhib
Tomatoes Oxheart:
Bull’s Heart, German Red Strawberry, Hungarian Oval, Jerusalem, Russian Heart & Wes
Tomatoes Novelty:
Elberta Girl, Berkeley Tie Dye, Big Zebra, Fuzzy Red, Gezahnte, Isis Candy, Lutescent, Red Centiflor Hypertruss, Ruffled Pink, Ruffled Red, Ruffled Yellow, Tlacolula Pink, Variegated Tomato & Yubileyny Tarasenko
Tomatoes Mini & Pots:
Florida Petite, Micro Tom, Tumbling Tom Red & Tribe’s Tobique
Tomatoes Orange:
Aladdin’s Lamp, Auriga, Caro Rich, Cheesimanii, Kellogg’s Breakfast, Kentucky Beefsteak, Mini Orange, Nebraska Wedding, Orange Blossom, Orange Patio, Orange Roma, Orange Strawberry & Sun Sugar
Tomatoes Long Keepers:
Keepsake, Long Keeper, Mystery Keeper & Yellow Out Red In
Tomatoes Greens:
Aunt Ruby’s German Green, Emerald Evergreen, Green Giant, Green Pear, Green Sausage, Green Velvet, Green Zebra & Lime Green Salad
Tomatoes Black:
Ananas Noire, Black from Tula, Black Krim, Black “Horny” Prince, Black Roma, Black Star, Cherokee Chocolate, Indian Stripe, Nyageous, Purple Smudge, Purple Calabash & Purple Russian
Tomatoes Bi-color:
Armenian, Copia, Dixie Golden Giant, Hillbilly, Mortgage Lifter Bi-color, Old Russian #117, Pineapple, Striped German & Vintage Wine
Tomatoes Early Reds:
Alaskan Fancy, Coldset, Early Wonder, Latah, Lucky Leprechaun., Nenevah, Northern Delight, Stupice, Oregon Spring & Sub Arctic Plenty
Tomatoes Cherry Reds:
Elfin, Flamenco, Red Pear, Sprite, Sugar Cherry, Sugar Lump, Sugary & Thai Pink Egg
Tomatoes Beefsteak Medium Red:
Alpine, Brazil, Bush beefsteak, Canestra Cluster, Cosmonaut Volkov, Early Annie, Landry’s Russian, legend, Ecuador & Yasennichki Yabuschar
Tomatoes Beefsteak Large Red:
Aussie, Believe it or Not, Clustermato, (the) Dutchman, Giant Belgium, Goliath, India, Magnum, Nepal, Novikos Giant, Old Brooks, Omar’s Lebanese, Polish, Rutgers, Sandia Gem & Tiffen Mennonite

Peppers Hot $2.00 each (with some exceptions):
Ancho San Luis, Black Hungarian, Bulgarian Carrot, Cayenne Chili, Cayenne Red Thick, Filus Blue, Exploding Embers, Golden Cayenne, Guajillo, Habanero Chocolate ($3.00), Holy Moly, Hungarian Hot Yellow Wax, Joe’s Long Cayenne, Long Red Hot Slim Cayenne, Marbles, Pablano, Pretty Purple, Purple Cayenne, Purple Serrano, Red Rocotillo, Serrano, Tepin (Bird Pepper) & Tri-Fetti

Peppers Sweet $2.00 each (with some exceptions):
Albino, Bull Nose Bell, Buran, Chinese Giant, Chocolate Beauty, Doe Hill, Georgescu Chocolate, Golden Calwonder, Kalman’s Hungarian Tomato pepper, King of the North, Lilac (limited $3.00), Marconi Rosso Giant, Midnight Dreams, Miniature Chocolate Bell, Oda, Odessa Market, Orange Bell, Orange Sun, Ozark Giant, Purple Beauty, Purple Marconi, Quatrato D’Asti Giallo, Romanian Sweet Rainbow, Trinidad Perfume, White Cloud, White Lakes, Wisconsin Lakes & Yellow Monster

Sweet Potato Slips available…Limited @ $2.50 each:
Korean Purple, Ginseng Red, Tainung #65, Japanese Purple, Carver & Frazier White

Some other possible additions (per pot):
Aunt Molly Ground Cherry ($2.50), few Basils ($3.75), Chufa Nuts ($2.50), Kale, Broccoli, Cabbage and some unusual Lettuce varieties…($1.50) Peanuts – 4 varieties…($2.50)

Potato Seed: Limited 1lb – Alta Blush, Peruvian Purple, Peanut Fingerling.                                                                                   Also available: Caribe Red, Yukon Gold and Amarosa…just arrived in time for planting!

Please call Mandy @ Mandy’s Greenhouse to reserve your choices: 1-204-268-3984

Open Dates: – Saturday May 9th (9-6)
Closed Sunday.
Open again Monday May 11th till Saturday May 16th (9-6)

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