WaHOO! Sweet Potato Slips are now ALL in!

Sweet potato slips are now ALL in!
They are $2.75 each.
They will be sold individually and variety marked.
Some beautiful big slips, with BIG roots…they are too!
1) Georgia Jets
2) Cuban Red
3) Frazier White
4) Ginseng Red
5) Toka Toka Gold
6) Purple/Purple
7) Beaureguard
8) Tainung #65
Some are in limited supply!
So have a option of 2nd or even 3rd choice, should your first choice be sold out when you get here.
I will only be offering this week, starting (June 5th) Sunday 12 noon till 6pm and then again (June 6th) Monday till (June 9th) Thursday…9am to 6 PM.
If you want some rare and different varieties (or even one of each) get your buns down here!

Garden 2014 15 Fava and Reg Bush beans

Can hardly wait to plant!

Can hardly wait to plant!

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