Welcome to 2022!

Mandy’s GH Order Form for Veg. Seeds 2022

I can’t believe I’m still at this! Got to to keep the grey matter fed, so why not do something that will continue to excite me to the end of time!

Just so you know, the website was updated a while ago. And yes I know with the icy cold temps and heavy snow falls we are presently experiencing, it doesn’t feel much like one wants to plant! But soon the weather will change, catching you UN-awares and spring will be here! Time once more to stock up on the rare, the unique, the old and the reliable!

Some important updates. It appears custom people in Canada & the US have become grumpy.  SHIPPING Rates in 2021 have sky rocked! I will be updating my ORDER FORM to reflect truer rates. And content claims are being demanded of us. Many times INCREASING the chances of packets being thrown in the garbage! And crazy phyto certificates demanded on wee orders! What? On harmless garden seeds? Something is not right…

With God’s blessing, I will continue to plant out some my favorites (of which I see less and less of…)    2021 marked the end of the LAST huge inventory “plant outs”. It was a great harvest! What seed was collected that year will continue to be offered till it’s gone. So get your orders in while you can. Even if it means holding onto it for the following year. Germination will hold for some time. Planting according to moon cycles, temps required and light time cycles are great hints for increasing your germination rates. Be sure to pay attention to the $$ signs at the end of my descriptions…

Happy Growing!


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