Welcome to the 2017 Season!

This will be THE latest posting to watch, for seed ordering! Any updates or changes to our Seed offerings, will be shared here. Even on a day to day changes!

Please remember we are operating on a reduced inventory, so not everything will always be available. However it is felt enough interesting material can still be found…

I am in the final stages of finalizing my newest seed inventory. Still shelling some seed and testing seed germination. For now…all Beans, Beets, Broccoli, Brussels Sprout, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Chard, Corn, Cucumbers, Eggplants, Ground Cherries, Gourds, Herbs, Kale, Lettuce, Leafy Greens, Peppers and Tomato varieties have been updated. The rest will be done shortly…

It has been an interesting year! Plants grown in raised beds did the best. The over abundance of rain…final tally this summer came close to 22″! This late fall, before the snow arrived…another 2 1/2″ dropped! Certainly DIDN’T need that! Well… at least the trees and perennials won’t suffer from dehydration, going into winter.

Pulled off some more interesting beans! Names like: Blooming Prairie, Arikara Yellow, Giele Waldbeantsja, Hopi Pink, (heritage) Jade Bean, Lina Sisco’s Bird Bean, Mahlathini Tongue of Fire, Maine Sunset, Macuzalito Bush, Solwezi (Zambia), Soldier, Ugandan Bantu Bush, Blue Coco pole, Bosian pole, Herrenbohni pole, Ojo de Cabre (Eye of the Goat), Papa de Rola pole, Sadie Horse pole , Aztec Yellow Fava, Coffee Fava, and so many more! I will load some photos here as soon as I take the last batch!! You all know how I fuss on these…have to be exact!

The cucumbers also did great. Have a ton of seed! Some that I haven’t had opportunity to grow for some time. Names like Telegraph, Ernest Family White, Delikatesse, Sushyk, Sumpter for the North, Bushy and Muncher. These are BACK! Will grow Yellow Submarine again next year. Have some seed but not enough to offer.

My gardening friend Tamara from Ontario graciously shared with me…an interesting tomato last year. I managed to get an astounding crop from it. Its innocent name is “Auria“. However, past that…there is nothing innocent about it! Some gardening guy friends of mine will not even look at it. Yes it is that racy!!!! I will (most certainly) post some photos!

Managed to pull off nice crops of corn, despite all the rain. Some names: Blue Jade, Country Gentleman and Stowell’s Evergreen. Got a nice crop of the (de-hybridized) Seneca Chief corn. This will be its 4th year and 2 distinctive lines are showing. Kernels are a deep gold. One variety is long and slim. The other is very very thick and heavily filled with deep kernels. Should I keep these 2 separate? And would customers be interested in both combined or want one packet of each? Let me know your thoughts. I am willing to offer either…

Tomatoes did great! Will re-offer some older varieties this year….that cannot be found anywhere else. That is what heritage seed preservation is about….right?

Also managed to pull off generous quantities of pepper seeds…esp. some “super hots” with “Caroline Reaper” and “Bhut Jolokia” influences! I was very surprised that despite all the moisture these slow growing “SUPER HOTS” still finished on time…with no extra fussing, straight in the garden! Am glad to have started their seeds well into February…for sure. New to the inventory is a favorite of mine (thanks again to Tammy C.) is Slonovo Uvo, from Serbia.

SO…stay tuned for more “photo goodies”


The naughty “Auria”…


Roman Candle

Roman Candle

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