Update to…….Wow and more wow!

Can hardly wait to plant!

Can hardly wait to plant!

Just wanted to say that I have been completely sold out for almost a month now. The little that I had quickly got scarfed away. I am now and was then…completely Plant Free!

I am blessed to have such wonderful customers and friends. Thank you!

Thank you to EVERYONE for coming out to the Hwy. #44 & #12 intersection to see me and my vegetable plants!

Had awesome 2 days and as hoped, have now less than $100 worth of plants LEFT! Friday was absolutely miserable…cold and windy…yet many folks came. Saturday was much better…but the dust, that passer-bys churned up was sometimes too much. HOWEVER…customer turnout was 2x’s better than I had hoped for! And such cheerful folks too!

Thank you…thank you for taking these extra babies off my hands! You saved me from having to toss them by giving them wonderful homes.

As soon as I am able here, I will list what I have left, after my kids take a few. Ya…these 2 are slow moving gardeners…L0L!

IF all goes well, WE/I will be planting our tomatoes, herbs, ground cherries, sweet potatoes and seeding out some cucumbers and melons, when the real warmth finally arrives. June 1st tomorrow!


Talk to you all soon about your summer garden experiences. Now it is off to my alpines!

Happy Growing,



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