Your Summer….Part V

Sad as it may seem, this spring/summer is ideal for the introduction of numerous fungus and virus diseases. Many gardeners in gardening forums are complaining about the devastation they are receiving at the hands of these ugly conditions. Because of the tremendous growth, some of my tomato plants, I feel should have been just left alone…on the ground/straw. I did not see damage from these factors UNTIL I attempted to place them in a proper upright position. I guess one could say, all those branches were slowing down the force of the rain…just fine!

Having said that…being the “neat freak” that I am (tho I’m not going to say anything about the 4th (generation) weed growth this summer…!) I tied up all my plants. Then went back and tied some more. NOW I am noticing some viral activity underneath. Darn! But it could be a whole lot worse. I am attempting to stay ahead of the spread simply by picking up all effected leaves and branches, WITHOUT touching any other plants. Removing these to the dump…far, far away. When winds and conditions are right, these will get burned.

So far so good. Here are some pictures from my patch.

p.s. and how has your garden fared???

Happy Gardening,


Another set or rows...

Another set or rows…

Some plants up close...

Some plants up close…

One of 11 rows of tomato plants

One of 11 rows of tomato plants

Tomato Tlacoluka Pink plant gone mad!

Tomato Tlacoluka Pink plant gone mad!

Tomato plant closeup...hoping to keep'em this way.

Tomato plant closeup…hoping to keep’em this way.

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