Updating Inventory

Hello everyone!

Despite all the craziness of this year, life, like vegetable growing must continue!

In all fairness, its been a fairly stable growing year with the only complaints being: the lack of good rains AND being inundated with tall 4 legged creatures! I have never had to fight for my collection like this year. As they (the deer) ate everything they could get their teeth on! My gorgeous hybrid lilies, peas, strawberry plants, grapes (…yes sour fruit and leaves!), ALL the lettuce, Heather’s Spinach, apple trees, raspberry plants and rose bushes! Thankfully they left the tomato, corn and bean plants alone! Yes! AND they weren’t interested in the wonderful (HUGE!) young delicious alfalfa field in front either! Grrrr! From bird netting to Blood meal to metal panels to hanging cans! Eventually we had to resort to more aggressive methods, but yes, the deer are fine! But for many plants, it was too late!

So today I’ve UPDATED my inventory. The categories where I have seed available: Tomatoes, Beans, Peas, Peppers, Cucumbers, some Potatoes and a few other items like Chufa Nuts, Ground Cherries, Corn, Parsnips, and some Pumpkins/Squash. I will not ship potatoes in cold weather. Seed being dry, is ok.

“Order Form” can be found on Home page. And please refer to my “How to Order” for more details.

I posting some delicious photos:

Blue Pear 1

Striped German

Amish Pimento

Morelle de Balbis

Blue Keyes

Hulless Pumpkin

Argenteum Pea

Mrocumiere bush

Giele Waldbeantsje bean

Armentian Tomato


Climbing L Trip Crop


Aunt Molly

Fava Purple

Yukon Supreme

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